Tuesday 17 December 2013

A hobby review of 2013

As the year draws to a close, and prompted by the ‘plans for 2014’ thread on the Oldhammer forums, I thought I might look back and review what I’ve achieved in 2013, with the aim of informing plans for 2014.

I know I’m in a similar position to many other gamers, in that every year I buy more (many, many more) models than I paint or sell on. On the positive side, I did have a large clear out and raise several thousand pounds by selling on a significant collection of unused Eldar and Dark Eldar kits, including many Forgeworld pieces.

I did, however, reinvest a proportion of those funds in new models to reflect my changing collecting interests. Out went more modern Eldar pieces and in came classic Blood Bowl, Realms of Chaos and Eternal Champion figures.

Collecting pledge for 2014: Complete my Eternal Champion collection.

Modelling & Painting
I had a mixed year for modelling and painting. In the same vein as the last couple of years, I started more projects than I finished, and have ended up with a nice selection of incomplete groups of figures. It’s certainly a timely reminder of a need for greater focus in 2014.

The table below shows a comparison of models I have started (either modelled, undercoated, or part-painted) versus models I have actually finished: 

Models started
Models finished
Blood Bowl
1 Halfling
1 Dwarf fan
1 Orc microrama
6 Beastmen
18 Skaven
11 Dark Elves
8 Harpies
1 Troll
14 Goblins
12 Chaos players
12 Nurgle players
1 Halfling (donated)
1 Dwarf (donated)
1 Orc microrama (donated)
6 Beastmen
11 Skaven
2 Dark Elves
1 Harpy (donated)
0 Trolls
0 Goblins
0 Chaos players
0 Nurgle players 
12 Bratt gangers
2 Bratt gangers
1 Chaos Dwarf Painter
1 Realms of Chaos Bee Knight 
1 Chaos Dwarf painter
0 Realms of Chaos Bee Knight

I've managed to finished a sum total of 26/99 models I made a start with this year, just over 26% completion rate! Even worse (or better depending on your view), 4 of the models were actually gifted to other gamers or donated to charity.
All the models I finished in 2013
Modelling pledge for 2014: Paint my Bratt gang (12 models), finish my Dark Elf Blood Bowl team (9 further models) and finish the Bee Knight. I also envisage at least 3 models donated to group projects or charities, for a total of 25 models. A realistic goal, and one which should fit in with my gaming plans for 2014.

By the low standards of the last couple of years, 2013 was a good year for gaming.

Some of my games in 2013, including an Oldbowl match in Harry's fabulous stadium
Blood Bowl
With my main attention on Blood Bowl, I managed 13 games. These included 6 games at the NAF Championship in Nottingham, a pick-up game in Scotland while away with work (thanks Purdindas), a tutorial game with a Blood Bowl virgin and of course my Oldbowl game against Skarsnik and Old Lead at the ‘Oldhammer: Bring Out Your Lead’ event at Foundry in August.

Warhammer 40,000
It had been nearly 4 years since my last 40k game, but 2013 saw me revisit the 6x4 tabletop,; a nice little skirmish scenario with my friend Graham. While I have no particular plans to restart with 40k, it would be nice to repeat this in 2014.

Gaming pledge for 2014: Attend the NAF Blood Bowl Championship in May, Oldhammer Bring Out Your Lead weekend and aim for at least 3 other gaming occasions. This should allow me to maintain my current level of gaming.

So how did you fare in 2013? Can you beat my rather poor totals of 26 models painted and 14 games throughout the year?!


  1. Real life does get in the way doesn't it!
    My own total efforts are probably less impressive than your own and considering I retired from full time employment in March I have a lot less excuses. 2014 will however be different I hope.
    As for gaming events, I hope to do a lot more this year with Oldhammer events, a throne of skulls or two and hopefully a lot more gaming sessions with good friends both new and old.

  2. Yes - real life is very inconvenient! Here's to a more productive 2014!

  3. Cinsidering it's more than 2 models a month i.e. one model every 2 weeks, I'd say it is quite good actually especially when I se ethe quality of what tou did !
    Getting big objectives is important to realise at least a fraction of them !
    I really love the methodic view of the year, I might get inspired from this.
    Most important thing though is that you had fun !