Wednesday 4 December 2013

Reinforcing Elric

Last month I announced my belated discovery of Citadel's Eternal Champions range. Like a true miniatures collector, it took very little time to work through the collecting process, which is something like this:

  1. Discover models and buy one cool example / starter set. Just because you like them.
  2. Research range and find out there are many more cool models.
  3. Half-heartedly pick up a few other models from the range which happen to be cheap on ebay.
  4. Start seriously cataloguing the other figures from the range you need.
  5. Start really seriously cataloguing the other figures you need! Including linked ranges, random figures which got assimilated into other ranges and other curios.
  6. Set up ebay saved searches and scour auctions/trade lists daily. The target is now to fully complete the range.

You'll be happy to hear I'm now at Stage 6! I've decided I want the entire Citadel Eternal Champions range and create some nice small warbands for skirmishing with. Melniboneans are proving pretty straightforward to gather together, mainly because of their long running production and recycling into the High Ef ranges. Pan Tangians on the other hand are rather elusive - I haven't yet picked up any of the Pan Tangian Infantry:

EC02 Pan Tang Infantry. Zero success rate to date
I've had better luck with some of the other series however. My EC01 Melnibonean Infantry is looking pretty healthy, with 3 swordsmen and two bowmen still needed.

Elric should be well protected and/or be able to kill these guys
EC06 Melnibonean Cavalry are a bit sparser - I still need to the two axe wielding chaps, and of course, mounted Elric himself.

As for the EC05 Melnibonean Personalities, we're looking pretty good! Rakhir and King Urish are on the way, so it's just Tanglebones, Aubec, Jagreen Lern and Theleb Kaarna to go.

I know, my replacement Corum and the Pan Tangian spearman don't fit here
I was also lucky enough to pick up a set of Pan Tangian tigers and one of the handlers for £12 last week. Significantly cheaper than the optimistically priced £85 set.

By the way, I wasn't kidding last time about Rodney Matthews original Moorcock cover paintings. 'Tanelorn' will set you back nearly £100,000.

Rodney Matthews originals for sale. Purchases to think twice about!

Finally, it looks like the project to realise Granbretan figures from the Hawkmoon series is finally back on track. Eureka Miniatures have the licence to produce them and the sculptor they've engaged has just started posting some early images on his blog:

Granbretan Vulture Legion from Eureka

They look a little like their limbs are slightly out of proportion, but the overall design is pretty nice, and they should make a nice third faction should they see release.


  1. Isn't Dave King sculpting these?

    For your collection, I'll have just 2 things to say :
    - congrats
    - I'm jealous to death (I really want my Jahry...)

    1. Dave King did the concept models that were circulated last year. These new Granbretans are being done by someone else (and in part based on Dave's sculpts).