Thursday 12 December 2013

Skaven Blood Bowl Team Retrospective - Part 2, Painting the Team

In September I unveiled Part 1 in my Skaven Blood Bowl team retrospective; a very enjoyable exercise in converting and modernising Jes Goodwin's fantastic 1988 Skaven models.

When I finally got round to thinking about the paint scheme for the team, I wanted to select something with a lot of visual presence. Skaven always seem to work well with nice bright colour schemes on their gear, in contrast the the natural skin and fur tones. I set to work with an online colour wheel tool to see what I could come up with.

I quite fancied orange as the primary colour; using the Colour Scheme Designer, it was a simple exercise to find the matching complementary colour (teal).

To provide contrast against the bright orange, I selected a dark flesh colour and grey for the fur (I figured brown would be too warm with all the orange). Here's the resulting painted team:

Blitzer - Thrower - Blitzer
You can see that all the models feature a triple stripe on their helments (or pad) to enhance the sporting feel.


More Linerats

Gutter Runners (Catchers for you older players!)

More Gutter Runners

Rat Ogre

I was really pleased with how the team turned out - the painting was pretty much my top level across the whole team. I was even more pleased that I received a 'Best Painted Team' nomination at the NAF Championship 2013.

Next time, I'll cover my coaching staff, re-rolls and the team's display base.


  1. Axiom, my friend (you are, wether you like it or not), you just relieved me from th very nasty hassle of finding a colour wheel to build my RT eldar force !
    I wanted something with a lot of harmony and you're just bringing it up to me on a silver plate. Brilliant.

  2. You can't go wrong with an interactive colour wheel tool ;) You're very welcome!

  3. I believe you have also helped me sort out a coulour scheme for a human team I have been pondering over for some months now. I've been trying to think of what to go with black (black being the primary colour). Orange and turquoise seems to be the way forward. Excellent work here by the way. Beautifully converted too. Some great choices made here on donor figs. Can't believe I have only just found these.