Saturday 28 December 2019

A Hobby Review of 2019

As is the now an annual tradition, with the end of 2019 drawing to a close, it's time for a hobby review of the year.

My hopes and aims for the year were neatly summed up in a very similar blogpost about this time last year!

It's interesting to note that I really did stick pretty closely to those broad ambitions:
  • I painted up numerous fringe-world buildings including the excellent Fogou Models scrap fort.
  • I painted up an array of Necromunda figures including Adeptus Arbites / Enforcers, Brats, Venators and latterly Helmawr gangers.
  • I had some fantastic games including two Necromunda campaigns, a Realm of Chaos Rogue Trader at BOYL 2019 and the occasional pick-up game dotted throughout the year, including some fun Space Hulk with my 9 year old son.

Gaming in 2019

I was lucky enough to play a host of fun games in 2019, including:

My warband striding the blasted wastes in a realm of chaos.

The Enforcers of Precinct 57 seize control over the White Spider Junction.

Anarchic ash wastes racing at BOYL.
Venators of the Knotted Rope attempt to halt a barbarous ritual by the Boss Drum Ratskins.

Painting in 2019

Yet again another year came and went without any Genestealer cultists being painted. But I haven't been idle with plenty of mixed output for different games and settings, including terrain. Here are some of my favourites:

My trio of viscious chaos ratling snipers.
Adeptus Arbites Psy-Ops.
My entry to the 'Make a Trish' competition on the Oldhammer FB group.
Deep space salvage crew for use (amongst other things) in Space Hulk.
Visage, Duchess of the Sutters.
Chopper and Trader, my entry to the 'Paint a Bob' competition on the Oldhammer FB group.
Going extreme with colour on a Fogou Models building.
My Cold Trader and smuggler's shore party for Necromunda.

The Hobby Chart

So far, so good, but what about the chart?

This year I painted a total of 163 'things' on the 'one thing = one thing' system (A multi-level building is one thing. A crate is one thing). I've realised that the high water mark of 207 things is going to take some beating, and a total of 163 (my 3rd highest total since I started recording) for the year is a perfectly acceptable. Notwithstanding the numbers, I'm really pleased with the subject matter and painting level this year too. I've managed to make some small adjustments to increase the pace on rank and file, whilst at the same time producing some pretty nice paint jobs on characters.

Games-wise, the year has delivered 47 varied opportunities (the most yet), culminating in a (literally) chaotic game of Necromunda this week with my good friend cheetor. I couldn't really ask for more than to play roughly one game a week with some excellent friends and opponents.

Plans for 2020

I already know that my first painting project for 2020 will be my entry to the 'Naismithery' painting competition on the Oldhammer FB group. After that, I'll address the final few members of the Helmawr gang and hopefully make some more progress on a scenic board using Fogou Models adobe buildings. Also in the mix are perhaps an Oldhammer style Warcry warband. Possibly some squat pirates or Confrontation Dogskins. And then there's still those Genestealer cultists!

Games-wise things are a little looser. I suspect we might run another Necromunda campaign or two. I'll try to meet up for some days gaming with friends. I already know I have a clash with BOYL 2020, so will need to see if I can find an alternative event to fill that particular hole. Whatever it is, as long as it's fun, I'll be content!

To everyone who reads this blog, enjoys my models, provides feedback and suggestions, have a great holiday and end to 2019, and I'll be back in January!


  1. Well done, great output for 2019! Looking forward to getting a game or 2 in with you next year again. :D

    1. Let's hope so! Those sorts of games are generally highlights :)

  2. It's been quite an enjoyable year as a reader of this blog. Can't wait to see what you have for 2020! Merry (belated) Xmas and happy new year!

    1. Thanks Suber, really pleased you've enjoyed the 12 months of blogging. Best wishes of the season to you too!

  3. A productive year, again. Such a pleasure following. Always something new and interesting to be found here an am looking forward following you in 2020. Happy new year, Jon.

  4. A great year Jon, I can't wait to see more amazing conversions in 2020

    1. Thanks Jason! Many more to come I hope!!

  5. A game a week is enviable, and your miniature output is gorgeous to see.

    have a great 2020 Axiom!

    1. I know,I'm very lucky to be able to game so often. And that's what motivates me to paint stuff up. Cheers cheetor!

  6. Happy New Year axiom ... the chart progress looks good I must say. I wouldn't dare to such review for myself seeing that it would make for abysmal reading. ;)

    1. Happy New Year back to you! My chart prior to 2013 would have made pretty grim reading too. It took the right kind of gaming group and the right kind of games to really get motivated.