Tuesday 23 September 2014

Manu Loat, Space Pirate / Brat Giveaway Winner

The bulk of any Guilder's force is usually made up of a rag-tag group of hired guns. Mercenaries can often boast an impressive arsenal and wide range of combat experience. Their very presence can disuade gangs from considering attacks on warehouses or transports. However hired guns have practically zero loyalty; many a Guilder has been fatally exposed when a fire-fight proves to hot for his hired muscle and they melt into the shadows to seek less risky employment.

Manu Loat is just such an individual...currently in the employ of Guilder Yakob Pento:

Manu Loat. Don't make fun of his moustache!
Manu Loat is actually the very first figure from the Rogue Trader Space Pirates range I've ever painted and I've got mixed feelings. I love his pose and baggy trousers, but there's a heck of a lot of stuff going on with him - shirt, body armour, pouches, weapons, helmet, moustache and bandana. He's also one of those models where it's not always clear exactly what you're painting. There were several points where I had to take a long hard look and work out whether I was painting a section of shirt, armour or something else!
As Loat is a hired gun for the Junction Trading Guild, I went for the same colour palette, predominantly purple, yellow and white. I added in a neutral khaki coloured shirt and some flamboyant elements which seemed to fit with the character - namely striped trousers and a subtly patterned bandana. All in all, I think the additions give him a more exotic feel without making him stand out from his colleagues.
The Junction Trading Guild
I hope to paint up the fifth member of the Guild over the next week or so - another hired gun to add some slightly unreliable muscle!

*    *    *    *    *    *    *
The Great Brat Giveaway
A couple of weeks ago, I celebrated the anniversary of this blog being created and offered up the chance to win a custom-converted and painted Brat to one reader.
In the event, 15 of you made suggestions, so I stuck all the entries down on a bit of paper and rolled a D16. The winning suggestion was from Lasgunpacker:
Lasgunpacker wrote: "As for the Brat... I think left hand chain sword right hand carrying a bag of some sort.

Colors: dark brown leather for the vest and boots, lighter leather colors for the other webbing and holster, pants and arms alternating checked harlequin colors, hair to suit your tastes."

So I've got a chainsword wielding Brat to convert up, carrying some sort of important bag of supplies. He's got brown leather clothing and harlequin checked(!) shirt and trousers. Checks!!! Oh dear ;)

I really like the potential with this guy...I've already got a chainsword in mind (I might cheat and swap hands for the bag / weapon). Watch this space for the conversion.

*    *    *    *    *    *    *

Project Alchemy
Finally, in case you've missed the Facebook posts, my post from last week, the banner on the blog or numerous other adverts, you could win some amazing Warhammer and 40k prizes through Project Alchemy, while at the same time raising money for UNICEF.

If you haven't yet donated, what are you waiting for?!



  1. Im digging Mr Loats strides. Very nicely done.

    He looks like he might be reconsidering that Selleck-esque 'tache and preparing to shave it off with that knife.

    1. Thanks! I'm pretty pleased with the stripes too - it's the first time I've attempted them since a disasterous failure about 4-5 years ago. Broader stripes and more patience seemed to give a much better result!

      I'm not sure what he plans to do with his knife...if he's not careful he'll nick his chin ;)

    2. In addition to the technical ability with which the stripes were applied it was brave to go for purple and blue. Thats what struck me the most.

      In my experience there is often a risk in stripes that two similar colours like that will start to merge unintentionally as tones in the highlights start to echo tones in the other stripe. As a result I tend to only paint stripes in very strongly contrasting colours so that I can avoid that possibility.

      But you made it work extremely well. Great job.

    3. Forgot to say the stripes are ace ;)

      Paul, Ic annot believe you imagine him removing his 'stache, why could he do that? It'd be like cutting his nuts off !

      Nah, he's just finished picking his teeth with the knife Crocodile dundee Style

    4. The purple and blue was a deliberate attempt to avoid introducing another colour that would be jarring against the rest of the gang. I figured, if it works for Aston Villa, I could probably make it work ;)

      Glad you think it came off :)

    5. He looks a bit like Blain from Predator. Didn't he run a bowie knife across his cheek, as if shaving? Or am I mixing Billy's showdown with Mac's bic-habit?

      Regardless, the paintjob is really nice. =)

  2. I really like the new recruit and his name too !
    I totally get what you mean about parts being hard to decipher, I think the numerous variants might have confused teh sculptors when trying to change th eorigianl parts. I've found that very puzzling with these ranges and with the iron claw one too
    Even with all of this I think the paintjob is a good one because it ties him with the rest of thecrew and gives him some caracter as well. The bright white armour may look odd at first but a gun for hire will probably require some decnet equipment from his employer so that is good. I don't think I've seen as many moustaches as on this range to be honest. What it does say about th estudio at the time...I 'll leave that to others.
    One more excellent entry in the bank, next please !

    All my congratulations to lasgun packer !!! ♫ ♪ \o/ ♪ ♫

    1. Weirdly the name came to me while I was looking at my shelf of work resources / books. Manu was a contraction of 'manual'...I can't recall where Loat came from ;)

      I suppose one day I should try weathering armour...but I'm not sure if I can pull it off...so he's got some brand new gear!

      And yes - moustaches - there's so many in that range.

  3. Nice paint job, but I think that the base figure is a bit... rough. The hands in particular look comparatively shapeless. Love the 'stash though.

    as for the win... well Huzzah! Looking forward to seeing how he turns out.

  4. Yep...he really does have some rough areas anatomically and in terms of finishing. He does make up for it with his personal sense of style though!

    Congrats on the competition win - I'll try and get the Brat started in the next fortnight :)