Wednesday 24 September 2014

Brattish Behaviour - Converting the Giveaway Brat

Having announced yesterday that Lasgunpacker was the winner of the giveaway Brat competition, I spent some time yesterday evening thinking about the model.

The key elements of the figure's pose as specified by Lasgunpacker were:
  1. Wielding a chainsword; and
  2. Carrying a bag.

I knew I also wanted to do some work on the the hair and give the Brat a hairstyle I hadn't done on any of my previous Brat gangers.

I started to think about the concept behind the model, and it occurred to me that if this Brat is carrying a bag, he's likely to be on some sort of mission; perhaps he's a courier of vital messages that cannot be trusted via usual routes. With that in mind, I decided I wanted him to be a little bit meaner and not quite as overtly flamboyant as some of the Brat's I've made to date.

I rummaged around in my bitz box and pulled out a selection of likely looking parts. My first step was to remove the crest of hair above the top of the Brat's skull. I sourced a nice chainsword arm from an old Eldar Harlequin, and a bag which I think might have come from Gorkamorka muties. A pointing gloved hand from yet another Harlequin and a couple of hours of greenstuffing later, this was the result:

The Brat Courier prepares to defend his consignment (note the gloved hand looks big here due to the angle - it's OK in real life I think.
I took some liberties with the original brief - swapping the chainsword to the right hand because I had one suitable I wanted to use and slinging the bag over the shoulder rather than being carried in his hand. I might need to do a little more work on the sculpted arm where it meets the glove.

Minor greenstuff work on the rear - just the strap and repairing the haircut!

The haircut draws inspiration from Jes Goodwin's Brat sketches - several are shown with shaved foreheads and skulls, with hairpieces mounted on the rear of the head.

I think the figure works out OK...I certainly would be happy having him in my Brat gang! I also realised this is the 5th time I've worked on Brat #3, mainly because it appears to be the most common and readily available of the Brat models.

Don't believe me? All of the figures below are based on the same starting model. The black figure on the far right is the only unaltered figure (apart from the addition of some lasgun arms).

The Brat 3 family!


  1. Wow, clearly you know how to take the most of a mini! The work there is pure genius!

  2. Haha, he looks great! Come to think of it, I'm fairly certain I've got a couple of copies of that figure in my bits box, which is odd since I wasn't playing or collecting when they were released...

  3. Wow very quick and excellent work. I expect the paint job will be too ;)

    Seeing all of the former #3s together is very illuminating as to the flexibility of the figure.

  4. Glad you like him guys. It's interesting just how flexible the model is...down to neutral stance and lack of arms I think. It's also amazing what a difference a new haircut or goggles can make ;)

  5. Harlequin arms..... I'm borrowing that idea...

    1. Harlequins and Brats are a match made in heaven. In fact some of the Confrontation background suggests Brats copy Eldar Harlequin fashions :)