Thursday 4 September 2014

Happy Birthday Magpie and the Great Brat Giveaway

Can you believe it? Magpie and Old Lead is 12 months old today! I started the blog mainly as a focal point and repository for my hobby activities, which had been spread out across several forums. To my surprise, over the past year, the blog has become both a motivator for generating hobby content, and a gateway to other peoples’ hobbies.

I have played more games, painted more models, and enjoyed the hobby more since I started the blog, probably more so than at any point since my early gaming days in the late 1980s. The blog has allowed me to share my interests, but also been part of the discovery of other people’s hobby interests. And I’ve liked what I’ve seen!
In fact, it’s that sharing ethos which has been the biggest eye-opener. Fimm McCool posted on the Oldhammer forums earlier this week, proposing that the main ‘theme’ of Oldhammer is one of sharing. I whole-heartedly agree – this blog is a vehicle for sharing; nostalgia, a love of the fantasy genre, memories, gaming experiences and more. I think sharing is a very fine approach to this hobby of ours.
Orlygg over at Realm of Chaos 80s posed a gem of a question the other week: “what are your top Oldhammer experiences?”
Over the last 3-4 years I’ve been lucky enough to share coffee with Citadel sculptor Jes Goodwin and pore over his sketch books. I’ve attended both ‘Bring Out Your Lead’ events at Foundry and played in some incredible games. I’ve indulged myself and bought some wonderful pieces of original artwork, but none of these is my top Oldhammer experience.
In fact, my top experience isn’t really ‘Old’ and it’s certainly not Warhammer – it’s the weekend back in 2011 when, jaded by yet another evolution of Warhammer 40k, my gaming friend Mark suggested we play a game of Blood Bowl. We didn’t use old rules, but it did inspire me to dig out my old Blood Bowl Elves. That game led to a renewed interest in Blood Bowl and a reconnection with creating small teams, warbands or gangs of figures. That in turn revitalised my approach to collecting and gaming, and the rest is history. So if that Blood Bowl game wasn’t really an Oldhammer moment of itself, I guess you can think of it as a gateway drug!
The Great Brat Giveaway
So, how do I go about marking this anniversary? I’ve seen a number of other bloggers run competitions and offer up prizes as a way of marking important milestones ('sharing' in action!). Sounds like a good idea to me, so I introduce to you the great Brat Giveaway!
In the process of assembling my Brat gang, I’ve acquired some duplicates, so I will be offering up Brat #3 as a prize for a lucky winner.

But that’s not all; I will convert and paint the figure into a form of your own devising. You might want an injured Brat slumped up against a wall, or perhaps he might be blasting away with a pair of pistols. You might want your Brat in the natty orange, jade and white of my own gang, or he could be dark red and black to fit with some of your own figures! The choice will be up to the winner!
What do you need to do?
You just need to post a comment to this blog post, or in reply to my Facebook post stating:
-          Your suggested pose and any particular details required
-          The colour scheme (no patterns though – I can’t do freehand!)
I will select a winner by random draw on Sunday 21st September and will contact the winner to discuss the project in more detail. I will then cover the entire build on the blog (see – it generates more content for me!).
Good luck everybody!


  1. conBratulations, I would like him in earthy colours to go with my inquisitorial rentinue, full of life in a fighting pose, threatening with a close combat weapon maybe thrusting a fencing foil and shooting an antique pistol.

    1. Nice idea...I'd probably try and mimic one of Jes' sketches showing the 'Jaggers' gang, complete with duelling goggles :)

  2. HAPPY BRATDAY! I'd love him in Black and Bone with reaper style facepaint and armed with a scythe :) Halloween Brat style :D

    1. Oooh...scary Chico - sounds like a Danse Macabre ganger you're proposing.

  3. I whole heartedly agree about the purpose of our blogs, getting to share with people without any bragging but in the spirit of making more and better so anyone has more fun is just what I like and what fuels my fire.

    I am willing to suggest an entry as is :

    - The bratt must be drinking a frothing glass of spook in a sort of voguing dance pose.

    - His colour scheme must be close to what Adam Ant wears in this picture :

    meaning orangey reds, blacks and whites with blue as a spot colour (spook is greeen but you know that already)

    Happy blogaversary Jon, it's been one fantastic time so far and I suspect some even greater times are ahead ;)

  4. Congratulations. He should be in your own colors, pointing a handful of Xenos digital weapons at a foe, the other hand keeping a side/stomach wound closed.

    1. Like it...I haven't done a wounded Brat yet

  5. Definitely a brat "posing," more concerned about how he looks. Colors would be something ostentatious, like purple and white.

  6. Are we talking catwalk, bodybuilder or 'pouch' posing Andrew? ;)

  7. Congratulations on your first blog birhtday:)
    Two pistols shooting will be great, space wolves grey on flak armour, earth color on pants.


  8. Congrats on the anniversary. Keep it coming.

    I like Jasons idea of a Brat in an Inquisitorial retinue, but something about a character who should have grown out of the scene but didnt for whatever reason entertains me. An older Bratt, who should probably know better, a bit like those ill advised "sad old goths"™ that one occasionally comes across. Except with digital weapons and a gold inlaid needler.

    Actually, if you dont do go for that concept then I might try it. It sounds like a cool sort of character to have in an Inq. retinue.

    1. Sounds great...I'm thinking there's a whiff of aging rocker / cool dad about this concept...receding hairline, expanding paunch and the rest ;)

  9. Happy Birthday to MOL!

    I'm glad you enjoy doing this blog Jon, as it's a good read.

    No pose info from me, I'll just enjoy looking at the WIPs and final product on here. ;-)

  10. His hand on a dandy cane, the other holding a smoking gun pointed upwards, frilly cuffs dangling... and pink, pink, pink, pink and white :D happy birthday!

  11. Happy birthday!

    You said "I have played more games, painted more models, and enjoyed the hobby more since I started the blog, probably more so than at any point since my early gaming days in the late 1980s."

    I recently started blogging, like you as a "focal point" and, even more so, as a motivator to finish my various projects. And I've never had more fun at gaming - I feel like I'm 12 years old again.

    Here's to you celebrating your 2nd anniversary in 12 short months!

  12. Congratulations on the anniversary – it's been great tagging along for the ride; and I'm sure I'm not the only one who really enjoys the inventiveness of your work. You really get a cross that sense of inclusiveness :)
    For the brat pose, how about him holding out a 'calling card'?

  13. Congratulations to you and your blog, Jon! It's been a real pleasure following for the past year, and I'm looking forward to following it for the next many years to come.
    Would I like a custom bratt? No - I would absolutely love one!! So, here's my thinking:
    The guy's obviously got style, and what's more stylish than an old classic Mauser? That's right; two Mausers! One in each hand. "Oh, but you can't aim with two Mausers", I hear you say. You can, if they've got barrels with stock like this:

    As for the colours; I'm thinking something along these lines:

    Now, go pick my number, chap, and once again; Happy birtday to your blog!! :)

  14. Congratulations indeed! Blogs are a wonderful thing, as they help us to share our little worlds, and sometimes enable us to link them together.

    As for the Brat... I think left hand chain sword right hand carrying a bag of some sort.

    Colors: dark brown leather for the vest and boots, lighter leather colors for the other webbing and holster, pants and arms alternating checked harlequin colors, hair to suit your tastes.

  15. Congrats! Colours: dark brown/black boots, paddings bright yellow, dirty white pants (I'd paint black or red stripes to 'em but no freehands here :D ), bright yellow vest and rose/pink hair to add some bling. Arms would be dirty white too, maybe painting his hands to black like if he'd be wearing tight glowes (fingerless=more glam?). Pose: lasrifle in tactical pose pointing towards the ground. I like neutral poses...

  16. Excellent ideas folks - keep them coming :)

  17. Congrats on a year! Wish I'd signed up and started commenting sooner.

    I'd vote for a twin pistols pose, aiming with one and the other held ready. I think the colours should reflect something of your own gang - like a former member striking out solo - mixed with some grittier tones: black boots, dark purple trousers and then going brighter with the jacket.

  18. I think an ornate pistol (needle or antique) and sword (clearly expensive and possibly customised) are the way to go. Colour wise, the sepias and orange that John Blanche is so fond of. I'd maybe challenge you a bit to try and do a little chequerboard in black and white somewhere. And then, out of place, a shot of hot pink hair...

  19. How about leaning on a pimp cane with an elaborate pistol. Purple and white clothes with gold trim and shocking white hair with a grey streak at the front.

    Excellent blog, your work is really inspiring! :)