Saturday 1 February 2014

The Eternal Champion Project - Personalities Acquired!

I wonder if there is a truly more wonderful sight than this to a collecter of ~30-year old little lead figurines:

EC05 Melnibonean Personalities. Complete.

That's right folks, that is what is called, in the business, a complete collection. You see pictured above all 14 of the EC05 Melnibonean Personalities range, based on Michael Moorcock's Elric novels! Tanglebones and Earl Aubec of Malador were my elusive missing figures which I finally tracked down over the course of the last fortnight. Tanglebones journeyed back to Nottingham from the Republic of Ireland (thanks Just John), and Aubec from Spain (thanks eBay). And if you don't believe it's a complete collection, here's the catalogue page to prove it!

EC05 Melnibonean Personalities as shown in the catalogue

Sadly, the full Eternal Champion collection is missing a few Pan Tangians (just 3 as of a trade firmed up this evening), but I hope in the fullness of time I'll be able to share the bigger complete collection with you.

Out of interest, does anyone know who sculpted the Pan Tangians? Was it Jes Goodwin (who certainly did all the Melniboneans), or someone else?

I've also been doing some planning around the actual released figures to try and pick up some suitable proxies for other characters and races (with a view to hopefully doing some skirmish games later in the year).

Here's a selection:

The two painted pre-slotta figures on the left are old Chaos figures; the chap with the bow is a 1985 LOTR Umbar Corsair. All 3 are destined to accompany Smiorgan Baldhead as crewmen from the Purple Towns fleet. The Cleric on the top row looks like a great stand-in for Elric's Dreamthief companion, Alnac Kreb, while the Wizard may see use as a Pan Tangian Sorcerer.

As for the pre-slotta thief on the bottom right, I have a feeling with a little bit of tweaking he may make a very nice Jhary-a-Conel alternative while Whiskers is off doing something important. Can't see it? Take a closer look:

Some minor head and sword alterations and I think this thief is a good match for Jhary-a-Conel

Much work to be done on these in the future. Please do let me know if you happen to have any Pan Tangians lying around - just these 3 to go:


  1. I'll have a look to see if I've got any of those Pan Tangians spare. I think they were sculpted by Aly Morrison, but not certain.

    1. That would be much appreciated! Aly Morrison you say? I'll check that out :-)

    2. Yep, its Aly. Solegends has a better catalogue entry for the '88 Catalogue

  2. Congrats mate. I would like to know how it feels to complete a collection once. I have to say yu complete very fine colections, first the eldars, now the eternal champion range, very good taste sir !