Sunday 2 February 2014

Citadel Inks

For many years I used only two painting techniques; drybrushing and highlighting. In fact, red ink was the only Citadel Ink I had in my collection. When washes came out, these added a whole new element to the painting of my figures, but I always fancied going old school and using more inks, just like the 'Eavy Metal painters of yester-year.

The purpose of this very short post is simply to show off this little selection which arrived yesterday:

Citadel Ink colours 1-9 (two browns). Was there a #10?

That's right, a selection of 9 Citadel Inks (two browns), all still perfect for use. I'd been looking out for some for ages, but they always sold expensively on ebay. This selection went for just over £2 a bottle, and should give me all the ink capability I should ever need.

I look forward to trying them out!


  1. I always used to mix the chestnut with the brown which made a good colour for shading flesh. I never used blue, red or green much though. The blue always looked a bit naff in my opinion. Didn't really compliment the blue paints in the citadel range.

    1. Useful tips - I'll have to have a play with them and see what works best - thanks!