Tuesday 25 June 2024

Inq et nunc - Jutta Gyldentheld, Rogue Trader

Although every Rogue Trader's authority is set down in their Warrant of Trade and Letters of Marque, in truth every individual's approach to exploring and exploiting the galaxy on behalf of the Imperium is different. Some Rogue Traders control battlefleets and large personal armies to overwhelm and conquer. Others seek lost secrets with just a few hand-picked companions.

The leader of my first completed 54mm Inquisitor warband is Jutta Gyldentheld - a Rogue Trader firmly in the low-key camp!

Rogue Trader Gyldentheld & companions exit their shuttle in search of new opportunities.

I based Gyldentheld on a 54mm miniature from Valiant Miniatures. The original figure is Kit# 9842 - 'Valarian Warrior / Maiden'. As you can see from the photo below, the model is one of those slightly unsavoury pin-up sculpts.

Kit# 9842 - Valarian Warrior / Maiden by Valiant Miniatures
Not withstanding the unnecessary lack of clothing, there was definitely potential with the pose and basic details. After a few sessions with the greenstuff, this was the result:

I think most things are self-explanatory - a few added straps and bulking out some of the details, a new shirt and some added accessories.

The shoulder pads are from a Necromunda Orlock, second pistol is from the Quovandius (the GW Inquisitor model), and the amulet is from a Citadel chaos sorcerer's staff.

Glydentheld's rebreather was made from a piece from a pen with added wire, cabling and greenstuff. The 'thermal detonators' are from the original plastic Kroot kit.

I think the resulting figure manages to look low-key with a selection of practical kit. There are a few little exotic elements which indicate that she is not just your run of the mill adventurer or bounty hunter.

I kept the colour scheme relatively dark (unobtrusive?!). I might yet go back and rework a few areas (I don't think the exotic spotted fur on the left holster worked out that well), but those can be tackled at some future point.

The little tattoo on her forearm is my favourite bit of the whole paintjob!

Scale-wise the Valiant figure is a little taller than some, although not all, of the GW Inquisitor range (she's pretty tall compared to the shorter Dick Slevlan and Mono-152!). Some of the sculpting is pretty crude and basic - the hands, arms and original face especially don't hold up well. That said, the proportions are nice and the trousers are particularly nicely sculpted. Hopefully the additions mean that she fits in well enough with the rest of her crew at least!

Rogue Trader Glydentheld with Wurmbi the jokaero, hired gun Dick Slevlan and servitor Mono-152.


  1. I really love the idea of a street smart Rogue Trader as opposed to the kind who probably just shove their imperial decrees to the phase of anyone not complying.
    That's the stories I wanna read about !
    The band looks fabulous, for some twisted reason, it would make me feel more uncomfortable having ours meet (although I very much do want them to meet), probably due to the size making them feel more relatable, dunno

    1. Low-key and street smart is exactly the facet I want from my gaming these days. Glorious massed battles are fine in the background, but I want gritty noir gaming experiences!

      I suspect that your Inquisitor crew might find some of this rogue trader's methods a little challenging though!!

  2. Needless to say, that's quite an improvement on the original model! I'd not thought of converting other 54mm models to Inquisitor, but she does look very good. The end result has a nice cyberpunk feel.

    1. Thanks Toby. With the relatively limited Inquisitor range now also hard to track down, it's worth keeping an eye our fir other 54mm figs. Unfortunately there seems to be far fewer on the market than there were even just a couple of years ago 😕

  3. Quite a clever idea indeed, I really enjoy the way you turned the original model into a functional Rogue Trader. I particualrly love the sculpt of the clothes, the t-shirt is seamless, and all the additions get the right vibe. Well done!

    1. Thanks Suber, I was quite happy with the t-shirt 🙂

  4. Absolutely delicious! Such a tasty Rogue Trader vibe you managed to capture with this one.