Monday 17 June 2024

Inq et nunc - Wurmbi, Jokaero

One of the fun things about shifting scale is that figures can take on a different feel. A large hulking figure can become small and nimble or vice versa. I plan to use a few figures in 54mm for Inquisitor that were originally intended for use in 28mm games. My new jokaero character, Wurmbi is available from L72's Miniatures Musings and was designed as a leader / alpha for a group of techno space apes. That said, he's large enough to be a credible jokaero in 54mm gaming!

Wurmbi points out some interesting tech to Dick Slevlan.

I've not modified the sculpt at all, and the painting was nice and quick as it is a relatively simple figure.

Not much more than some drybrushing, washing and glazing needed for the paint!

Just to demonstrate how Wurmbi looks alongside his 28mm jokaero family, here's a group shot:

(Note to self: orange fur against rusty metal isn't great for contrast)

In case you still needed convincing, I think this scale shot demonstrates it all nicely!

So far I haven't decided whether Dick and Wurmbi are part of the same crew or not. They might be best buddies, but they might equally end up being mortal enemies!


  1. I made my =][=54 Jokaero out of a WHFB Yhetee and eldar parts!

    1. I'd be interested to see how that turned out - it would definitely have to right body shape with those long yhetee arms!

  2. Wow, mind-boggling! What an interesting find, well done!

    1. He's very useful - I love picking up multi-use figures like these 🙂