Wednesday 12 June 2024

Inq et nunc - Dick Slevlan, Hive Scum

I think I have more bits of Slick Devlan than any other Inquisitor model. I think most people do. Slick benefits both from being one of the original releases and from having flexible components that can be used for a variety of characters - not just gunslingers, but also mutants, bounty hunters and even Inquisitors.

A few months ago I snapped up a partially converted Slick Devlan from eBay. The previous owner had resculpted Slick's hair and nose, filed down his padded flack armour and sculpted it into a carapace armour breastplate. They had added cloth bindings around Slick's lower legs and resculpted his loincloth. A lot of work had gone into the figure, and I decided that although I already have plenty of Slick parts, I could add to the conversion work and come up with a nice new character. I started referring to the character as Dick Slevlan mid-way through the process. I think that's going to stick!

Dick Slevlan and Mono-152 cautiously move through a junkyard.

The conversion was done in several stages, with the main work from me being the newly added arms and repositioning the head.

The autogun is a Rogue Trader ogryn's ripper gun. The hands are from the Inquisitor accessories pack.

The arms were sculpted over a wire armature with two passes of greenstuff - the first to roughly bulk out the muscles and the second to add the detail. The pic below shows the first pass with the greenstuff to get roughly the right shapes:

In hindsight, I think the arms are probably a fraction long between elbow and wrist, but I'll live with that!

I sculpted the spiked cuff on his wrist.The grenades and pouch are from the ogryn/bullgryn kit.

I removed Slick's left holster (Dick only needs one sidearm!)

On the rear of the model I didn't do too much other than to tidy up a bit of the original sculpting and add a few details like the buckle and cartridges.

You can see below my additions (in red) compared with the additions/amendments from the previous owner (in yellow):

Whilst I didn't want to completely replicate the colour scheme from Mono-152, I used the same yellow to tie them together. Otherwise Dick got some dusty weather-beaten clothes and a slightly unhealthy greenish tinge to his skin by adding greens into the base colour and wash mixes.

I think as a pair the figures work nicely together, but the paintjobs are still flexible enough that they could join almost any crew!

Thank you to whoever did the original converting work, hope you like what I did with him!


  1. Those arms are really good. Very nice sculpting by both you and whoever had the model first. And a really good paint job. Top work!

    1. Thanks Toby, really glad you like the arms 🙂

  2. Wow! That's a hell of a job! Truly awesome project, I love it!

    1. Thanks Suber! Fun project, worth all the input I reckon.