Tuesday 7 August 2018

BOYL 2018 (Part 1) - Heat Builds in the Underhive

What's the best excuse for playing miniature wargames? Meeting up with friends and having fun of course! Over the course of the weekend just gone, I attended Bring Out Your Lead 2018 (BOYL).

Bring Out Your Lead started as a low-key meet up of a handful of enthusiasts of Games Workshop's older games and miniatures at Wargames Foundry's Nottingham shop in 2013. The event has grown into a three-day annual event at Foundry's current location in Newark, with over 100 attendees, special guests and a wonderful array of eye-catching games.

Pre-BOYL Necromunda

Like last year, myself and some good buddies took the opportunity to have a full day of gaming at Warhammer World. This year, with Necromunda was flavour of the month, so I booked the tables, and completely ripped off the event pack that GW put together for the Necromunda tournament I attended in April.

Curis is aghast at the way Whiskey Priest wields his tape measure!

Given the heatwave that's been continuing all summer, I included a few little rules to give us a pinch of theme.

Joining in the games were:

Asslessman from Leadplague with his ash waste nomads.

cheetor from sho3box with his ratskins.
antipixi from antipixi's hobby blog with his Escher. Not all of these are Escher.

airbornegrove26 from Give 'Em Lead with his gunfighters.
Whiskey Priest from the leadpile with his psykers.
Curis from ninjabread with some of these adventurers (and friends).
Myself with my bratt gang.

I organised us into two teams (Team Combat and Team Burgers), playing a series of three games over the course of the day. Of course there was a chance of glory and Necromundan notoriety for the winning team and the winning individual player.

As I'm prone to, I tend to forget to take enough photos whilst I'm playing games, but hopefully these give you a flavour:

Space pirates infiltrate the Hive!

How embarrassing - the identical outfit to Curis' Space Amazon!

Bratts with exotic weapons seek prey.

Escher gangers tangle with a squat Venator next to bubbling toxic slime.

The Warm Jets psyker gang tackle nomads from the wastes.

'Bull' goes down!

Mining lasers prove to be terrifyingly destructive.

After a jam-packed day of rolling dice, double-crossing and high jinks, an uneasy alliance of bratts, pirates, psykers and ratskins (Team Burgers) emerged victorious against the nomads, gunfighters and Escher of Team Combat. Antipixi with his Escher was however the best player overall - a theme that continued over the rest of the weekend!

Miniatures packed away, we headed into Nottingham for food and beers, ready for the full BOYL experience on Saturday.

I'll aim to get my report out in the next blog post.

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  1. Seems like a grand day of necromunda, and better your "alliance" won. (and then immediately dissolved into inter-alliance combat I am sure)

    1. It's probably better not to think how an uneasy alliance of such weirdos would end!

    2. Or, is it a perfect chance for a multiplayer free for all battle to see who comes out on top? (I suspect the Brats will win of course!)

    3. Even if they don't win, the Bratts would look the most elegant!

  2. I really like this warming up at WhW and Necromunda was the perfect game to do that !
    The bands were just great and the players even better. Fantastic, thank you for this !

    1. I'm glad to be in a position to coordinate! It really is a great way to ease into the weekend.

  3. Well, seeing all those bands in action is truly something! I'm already drooling and it's just the first post of three!

    1. It was a real concentration of cool figures. I suspect that it was the highest density of Confrontation figures at a single venue since 1991 ;)

  4. Great looking table to play on too. I'm not sure this "painting all your miniatures" thing will catch on though. Seriously though that game in itself looked like it would have made the weekend worthwhile.

    1. The tables really are nicely done. I wish more attendees at WHW made the effort to paint all their figures though :/

  5. That was loads of fun. Thanks for putting the work in Axiom.

    I enjoy the Friday gaming at least as much as the subsequent games at the other venue. Thanks for documenting it :)

    1. Any time cheetor! I enjoy marshalling and organising :D