Tuesday 1 March 2016

The Guiding Hand - Pan Tang Officers

After a little break from my Frostgrave Pan Tang warband, I've painted up another couple of figures, this time representing the better fighters or officers. I imagine Pan Tangians to be ruled by a brutal and strongly hierarchical society. The military would be no exception - officers are the word of the gods, as far as their subordinates are concerned, no matter if this results in a soldier being needlessly incinerated by some kind of foul magic spell!
Pan Tangians battle Melniboneans - Stormbringer RPG by Chaosium Inc.
The two latest additions to the warband are just such men - masters of their own little empires; ambitious, amoral, petty and selfish. Thorkor (on the left), is a junior officer from the Pan Tangian marines. He wears the lighter armour and shorter tunic of the naval forces. Carkan Amit is the senior officer of the Soorkan ul'Kaarna's warband - the most experienced fighter, with a strong grip on the fate of his men.

I believe Thorkor is a pre-slotta Citadel Chaos Warrior (although I was unable to ID him from the catalogues). With his conical helmet, ventail and studded tunic, I figured he was a good stylistic match for the Pan Tangians.

Carkan Amit is an unmodified Citadel Pan Tang figure - the officer from the 'Eternal Champion Personalities' range. I suspect he was sculpted by Jes Goodwin, as most of the personalities were. I decided to paint his plate armour white to add some contrast to the paint scheme. It also served to identify him as the senior officer.

Soorkan with his apprentice and two most trusted warriors.

In game terms, Thorkor will be used as an infantryman, while Carkan Amit will be a treasure hunter (at least initially!). Just one further archer to go with these guys, and my Pan Tang warband will be complete.


  1. That white tunic is wonderful ! The more I see them the more I like them. This whoel colour scheme is really working well !
    What a fantastic group.

    1. Thanks JB! The irony is that I never intended to paint so much white on the figures - I was planning much less white and more orange. I just liked the very first guy (with the turban) so much, it flipped the paint scheme around!

  2. Those two are lovely. The Pan Tangian is a very characterful sculpt.

    Good work Jon.

    Its lots of fun watching the Frostgrave forces come together for the event, it adds so much to the experience :)

    1. Thanks cheetor. I'm viewing all the build up like foreplay. I can't wait for the climactic event though!!

  3. Well done axiom ... the metals worked really well with simple whites and blues.