Wednesday 14 January 2015

Equus - Ecclesiarchy Combat Servitor

Combat servitors come in all shapes and sizes. Some are living guns, mounted on tracked mobility units. Some retain their human pysique, but arms are replaced by massive servo-driven grabs and clamps and torsos are plated and riveted with metal.

Other servitors have a more esoteric design; Equus, combat servitor of the Ecclesiarchy, is one of these.

Equus' primary function is to carry the ancient sword of Saint Grimoald, the venerated Imperial, renowned for his piety and martyrdom at the hands of the Black Crucible cult. Fashioned from the skull of Grimoald's steed, Equus treads an unceasing path through the cloisters of the Cathedral of Saint Grimoald. 

In times of necessity, Equus can be pressed into action by the Ecclesiarchy, wielding the sword of Saint Grimoald with clumsy but brutal force.

I painted Equus with dull yellow robes following a suggestion over at the Ammobunker Inq28 forums. I wanted him to be fairly sparse and utilitarian; the only concession to decoration is the (now tattered) blue hood and belt. I'd actually delayed painting Equus for quite a long time because I was undercertain what colours to use. I think I'm fairly happy with the results, and he'll provide the starting palette for more Ecclesiarchy figures when I get round to them.

Equus repels a foul mutant from the undercroft of the Cathedral of Saint Grimoald.

Equus was built from an old Citadel Fighter  / Flagellent model. I removed his original head and club, replacing the head with a classic plastic horse skull and the club with the long bladed sword. A hood was sculpted over the top to repair the damage, and I added the trailing cables and a bionic eye to reinforce the 40k look.

*     *     *     *     *

While I was painted Equus, I also pulled out this little chap for the Oldhammer forums painting club. The theme was simply fantasy figures "I have never painted before".

As I'd owned several of the chaos familiars over the years, but never painted one, I decided to paint up the 'Beastling' in the same blue as the hood for Equus. I didn't spend too much time (blue, wash, drybrush highlights), but he's OK I think.

The Beastling will probably see action as some sort of alien pet, rather than as a chaos familiar, but as long as he's used, I guess it doesn't matter!


  1. Very sober and yet full of character, lovely work here !

    I think if I didn't know who had painted this familiar I'd have sworn Cheetor had. If not for teh basing, the contrasting and very vibrant colours would have mad eme tell his name first. It seems to work for both of you. Really good. i'm just wondering in waht kind of environments you find such creatures...

    1. I copied Cheetor's colour selection and used some tips he gave me on painting fur / hair back last year for the familiar. I didn't realise it was quite so obvious ;)

  2. Equus is quite good, and I love the yellow robes.

    I need to get cracking on my own horse skull headed fellow, but first that means sourcing said horse skull...

    1. Any job lot of broken 1980s skeletons should be your friend for horse skulls :D

    2. Indeed so, but I have my heart set on one of the contemporary black knight skulls,which, while slightly larger, is also more "active". Ebay will eventually come through.

  3. This one is incredibly awesome, the head swapping adds tons of character and the mini looks absolutely charming. Well done.