Tuesday 13 January 2015

"Call me, call me any, anytime" - Rogue Trader Astropath Yerl

I had planned to paint something else, but when I came to sit down with paints and brush last night, I decided Astropath Korm looked lonely. Plus, it's a known fact that figures look better in pairs!

So Astropath Yerl got put in the frame instead...and here he is:

Yerl is very different style of Astropath to Korm; while Korm is small, frail and uncertain, Yerl appears to have an otherworldly, etheral and composed character. Perhaps his near-sense is more finely attuned? Perhaps he is a more senior and capable Astropath (hence his rather more ornate staff of office)?

I didn't do anything radical with Yerl - he got a copycat paintjob, with the addition of some gold into the mix on his staff. I really enjoyed painting the folds on the front of his robe...in fact the entire sculpt is a real pleasure to paint from start to finish.

Astropaths Yerl and Korm practice pyschic communications at short range.

Guilder Yakob Pento regrets asking the pair of blind Astropaths for directions as they each point the opposite way!

So two Astropaths painted, just another four to go!


  1. Rather than grind my teeth at the sight of you completing your Astropathic Choir before I get stuck into to recently fully acquired set, I have decided to compliment the lovely work gone into them. They really are characterful models. They will all look like some sort of pilgrimage or holy procession when lined up together.

    Lovely. Great stuff. You seem to have this 1.5 miniatures per Monday evening thing locked in Jon. This bodes well for 2015 output levels.

    1. Based on my usual butterfly-like approach, I'll probably do one ore then move onto something else, while the remaining 3 astropaths blindly stare at me in disapproval from the shelf!

      Glad you like the latest addition. Monday evenings are definitely proving to be a good pattern, although the missus is out on Friday, so I might sneak another figure in then ;)

  2. I love my Tuesday fix of Magpie ! I beleive it's the first time I see 2 satropaths next to one another. I want to see more now.

    Painting is really nice and the robe really looks the business.

    1. I can take a pic of all the unpainted ones if you like JB :D

    2. You've got me used to painted ones Jon. Now I want my green choir boys gang. ^^

    3. I've got too many things on the go, that's the trouble. My current pending pile (stuff on my desk rather than in a case) comprises:
      - 4 GW astropaths plus 2 conversions
      - 1 Genestealer magus
      - 5 Adeptus Arbites
      - 1 alien trader
      - 4 Eldar
      - 2 Beast troopers
      - 4 chaos cultists
      - 1 Bounty hunter
      - 1 Imperial psyker
      - 1 Imperial Preacher and bodyguard
      - 1 Adeptus Custodes
      - 10 miscelleanous RT civilian types


    4. That is a froth worthy list!

      And excellent paint job as usual.

    5. That is an amazing list. I've pared down to one "hard project" one "easy project" and a final third slot for "do this thing in a hurry" - a set of three for assembly and a set of three for painting.

      All I need to do now is stop breaking my own rules. ;)

  3. Yerl looks like the brash slightly younger Astropath, whilst Korm is raising a hand to advise his companion to encourage him to wait until the full message is revealed.

    1. Like it Chris - Korm has seen (heard?) it all before and knows the value of waiting in case the meaning changes.

  4. Lovely work :) the robes are wondeful.