Wednesday 5 November 2014

Wasted Youth: Running Ash Waste Nomad Converted and Painted

I can't believe it's been 2 months since I painted up my first Ash Wastes Nomad for my planned Confrontation / Necromunda gang. Various other bits and pieces have distracted me, but happily Nomad #2 saw some paint action last night. Here's the results:
The Nomad has been quite extensively converted from the circa 1999 GW Last Chancers 'Brains' model. I sculpted him a new coat, headscarf and trouser bottoms, as well as reforming his canteen to match Nomad #1. His hat came from a Warlord Games sprue of hats, although I did do some remodelling to increase its girth.

Like Nomad #1, I went for a bright colour scheme, using broadly the same palette, but mixing up the patterns and colour placement. Having taken the photos, I can see that the striped trousers look rather pyjama-like, and I probably need to do a final highlight on the headscarf.

My two Nomads side by side
I took inspiration from the Nomad Leader below (particularly on the little sunburst patterns on the glyph plates), bought from and painted by Michael Wright over on the Oldhammer Facebook group. I'm still debating whether or not to just touch up the Nomad Leader or to strip him and start afresh.

Nomads investigate an ancient ruin, newly revealed by the shifting ash wastes
I've decided that my main goal between now and Christmas is to paint up another 3 Nomads so I have a small but usable gang ready to go. Watch this space!


  1. I like nomad #2 a lot, the hat is not 100% right (something to do with the angle) but it gives him a south american look that fits the sun worshipping theme. Brains has been on my desk half painted for nearly a year now (along with his amazone friend) and I should have gone your way...
    I'm thinking a lot about nomads right now and on top of adding th elast marauder model I need, I would like to give them a mount or some sort of futuristic desert pack mule... I have leads only...

    The gang is shaping up nicely so far, keep on rocking.

    1. Thanks JB. The had was a trade off - it couldn't sit any further back on his head because of the backpack - hence the angle. Oh well! :)

      Check out Thunderchild Miniatures - their Wasteland Pilgrims set has a nice baggage beastie!

    2. You read my mind Jon, the huge Fallout fan in me wants to take this right away, but maybe I can convert something from plastic toys from real animals to turn them into something a little more exotic, I have time though, I only start on gangs when I have all the gangers sorted.

      As for the existing leader, I gues sit al ldepends on the previous paintjob, if th elayers are thin and teh details clear you can use it to save time (and that meas more painted minis at the end of the week) otherwise strip him, at least you know where you're gowing ;)

      Another puzzling question is : What's that double barreled laser sniper gun?

    3. No idea what the gun is meant to be. Something dangerous no doubt!

  2. Great GS stuff as always Jon.

    The pyjama factor is quite high, but I guess how anyone feels about that is a matter of taste really :) The background descriptions do define the nomads as being very colourful, but it isnt something that I am particularly keen on if I am honest. For the same reason, a very bright sulphur/copper oxide sort of terrain set doesnt appeal to me either (but then again, I like my jungles vulgarly bright).

    At least this way if they should ever meet, my Nomads will look distinct from your nomads (and presumably JBs nomads too).

    Does the gang have a name?

    1. That's the beauty of individual interpretation I think. I suspect your grimy, subdued figures will look beautiful irrespective. I think my inclination to paint things bright may well stem from painting too many Blood Bowl strips over the years ;)

      I'm still mulling over the name...I've got 'Umbar Caravan' tentatively written down somewhere, but I'm not sure

  3. Very nice conversion! The pose looked familiar, but I would never have suspected that it was Brains under all the green stuff.

    A few more models like this, and you should get to sculpting one from scratch.

    1. Thanks! I keep thinking about attempting a full sculpt...just need to take the plunge!

  4. I confess I didn't realize what the original mini was, you made an outstanding work there, seriously :)