Tuesday 18 November 2014

Wasted Youth: The Nomad With No Name

It's high noon. The dusty pass through the rocky outcrop is blocked by a bandit. The Nomad With No Name steps forward. In the distance, a lone bell tolls. Eyes narrow. Fingers twich next to holstered stub guns. A bead of sweat slowly crawls down a forehead. The bandit suddenly snatches at the grip of his pistol, but the Nomad With No Name is faster. One shot, two shots to the chest. The bandit slumps to the ground as the Nomad With No name stands over him.
"You...?!" the bandit gasps once, then dies. A bell tolls. 

Ash Waste Nomad number 4 got some attention last night - another from the Marauder set of nomads. With his pistols, hat and poncho, I just couldn't get Clint Eastwood out of my head, so whereas the other nomads are slightly more South American and Mongolian in terms of influence, the Nomad With No Name is 100% influenced by spaghetti westerns!

The poncho is the the key part of this fella's outfit, so I knocked back some of the colours (grey trousers and hat) to make it more prominant. I attempted a homage to the patterns on Clint Eastwood's famous poncho, copying the chain of squares design around the neckline.

In retrospect, I'd have liked more blue on the figure - the head scarf is blue, but isn't really visible. Oh well, perhaps it will stop all the comments about these guys being too bright!


  1. Excellent, I really like this grey yo gave to the hat and trousers, it really has th erigh weathered look with a good contrast making the yellow pop.

    I think it's a good thing he difres form the others a bit, having a look too uniform between them would have given them less character than here. These guys must be used to travelling alone sometimes.

    Thanks a lot for putting me the "good, the bad and the ugly" theme tune in the head ;)

    1. Thanks JB - you're right, I don't want uniformity on these (although I do want coherency). This guy is certainly the loner of the group ;)

    2. Only read the title afterwards and my mind has skipped from whistling to "the horse with no name" not a bad thing...