Saturday 10 December 2016

Delicious & Tender - Baby Grox

Grox burgers. Roast grox leg. Juicy grox rump steaks. Makes your mouth water, doesn't it? Not familiar with the delicious grox? Here's the summary from Rogue Trader:

Description of the humble grox, Rogue Trader rulebook.
And these vicious, yet tasty beasts look a little like this:

Tony Ackland's grox illustration, Rogue Trader rulebook.

I have a grox proxy arriving in the New Year (I hope), from recent the Frills and Fauna Kickstarter by Kraken Games, but a single beast does not a herd make. Luckily, the very excellent Andy Coleman over at Four A Miniatures recently sent me a pack of the lovely cute little lizards from his recent Goblins and Sea Demons Kickstarter. The perfect pack of newly hatched grox for the adults to take care of!

I'm choosing not to dwell on any physiological differences between adult and baby grox. Because they're so cute! I painted these five in about an hour and half with a very simple approach. Essentially it was basecoat > wash > drybrush highlight x3 > pick out details (spikes, teeth, claws, eyes).

For what it's worth, these 5 models are my 8-year old daughter's favourite thing in my model cabinet, particularly the little one scratching his head.

Most importantly, they look rather good when  set up in a little enclosure, ready for sale to the highest bidder!

The grox breeder and wholesale meat merchant haggle over prices.

Thanks for sending me a set Andy - really enjoyed painting them up!


  1. They are so cute I want to stroke one :) I wonder if a cool RT scenario could centre around herding up escaped Drox?

    1. I reckon that's a perfect RT scenario! Make a WP test to control a grox. If you fail, it attacks you ;)

  2. So tiny and cute! Ooooh, I need those!

  3. Replies
    1. Kev Adams I believe. Don't quote me on it though!

  4. It strikes me how much the Grox illustration looks like the older plastic cold ones (or rather vis versa). You could probably get a few of those for not too much money, and they are big enough to work as a "cow" analog.

    1. Absolutely. I think those old cold ones would work a treat. I'll investigate tracking some down!

    2. Good call on the Cold Ones- I got one in a blister pack ages ago and had no use for it... perhaps now I do!