Tuesday 21 July 2015

A Mixed Bag - Small, Dangerous and Italian!

Over the course of the weekend I spent some time queuing up and basecoating figures which needed to be finished to meet some deadlines. My wife went out last night, so I had a free evening to get some of them finished.

First up is Sneek - a new ratling-type abhuman for my Ordo Malleus Inquisitor band.

Sneek is made from an old Rogue Trader era gretchin. I replaced the head and musket barrel with the corresponding parts from a Tallern Imperial Guard model, before covering up the damage by sculpting an extension to his head scarf.

Sneek is very deliberately built on the same lines as Scrat, the little chap I converted up last year. Aren't they a cute looking pair?!

The main reason for making Sneek is that in my current Inquisimunda campaign, Scrat recently met a rather unfortunate end, and was swallowed whole by a hex wyrm (the silly little chap was trying to steal one of her eggs). I wanted a replacement ratling scout, but decided to use the opportunity to make a new figure.

Scrat looks up in terror as the hex wyrm swoops down to protect her egg.
In happier times, Scrat and Sneek decide which pet to buy for their apartment.

*    *    *    *    *

In addition to Sneek, I also needed to paint a couple of new Blood Bowl figures. Werewolf star player Wilhelm Chaney is needed as part of my Necromantic team, The Graveyard Shift, for the Oldbowl competition that's taking place at BOYL.

The 'Shift'

Wilhelm was give a very quick, functional, matching paint job and should fit in nicely with the rest of the squad.

The last figure finished last night was my contribution to the Talk Fantasy Football forums 2015 Legacy Team. The premise of the project is that people sign up to contribute and paint a player for a pre-agreed Blood Bowl team. A winner is chosen from all the contributors and gets to keep the team.

This year the team is Elves in an Italian-themed strip of blue and white (because the Blood Bowl World Cup is being hosted in Italy this year). I volunteered to donate a Catcher, and converted up a suitable model from a Marauder Sea Elf I had kicking around:

The converted model with replacement hands and a sculpted left arm.

Here's the finished model, painted in the requisite colours. In retrospect I think the left arm is a little short, but it's not as obvious in the hand.

Because of the Italian theme, I decided to give my guy a rather natty pair of running shoes!

No doubt he'll be winging his way to join the others painted to date in due course.


  1. 3 figures in a row... (Stands up, applauses slowly and leaves trying to hide the tear falling from one cheek).

    1. Thanks JB! I suspect I'll have less time for painting with the kids off over the summer, so I've been making the most of the time I've had recently. The question is, what next to paint? ;)

  2. Excellent stuff


  3. Hahaha, I believe Asslessman says it all. Wonderful, wondeful work. I particularly love Sneek, but all these look gorgeous. Well done!!

    1. Sneek is my favourite of the 3 too - I think I like his character over the other two. I've already had it suggested to me that I need several more of these little folks!

  4. Scrat and Sneek are brilliant little conversions. Some nice BB work too.

  5. Sneek is a fine addition! Poor Scrat maybe he will make it all the way through and just be a little bit erm unhinged

    1. It had to happen didn't it...Sneek got eaten in his first game tonight. Now I need to make a 3rd!!

  6. Wilhelm is one if my very favourite of the old BB range, one of th he earliest 28mm GW figs that I ever painted actually.
    I like the new scarfed ratling too and the legacy catcher is as good as either of the others. Great output.

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