Wednesday 31 January 2024

Hammer of the Hounds - Yet More Dogskins!

Part of the fun in building these Confrontation gangs is converting or adding in models that fit the look of the original sculpts. Today's pair of Dogskins includes a gang champion that hopefully fits that bill (as well as a standard Dogskin ganger to fill out the ranks!).

The guy with the power hammer will represent a gang champion in Necromunda, but will probably be demoted to a Bruiser if I play this gang in Stargrave! He was made from an ex-Citadel barbarian from Foundry, originally one of the classic Citadel AD&D barbarians.

The barbarian in question is on the left!
WA005 - Barbarians – WargamesFoundry

Citadel AD&D barbarian. Pic from Stuff of Legends.

I chose the sculpt because it was sculpted by one of the Perry twins (like the Dogskins were) and, unlike many of their Warhammer barbarians, he shares the same lean physique as the hive gangers.

I added the characteristic dogskin hood which was a press-mould from another Dogskin, blended with some sculpted parts down the side of the face. I also sculpted the tail piece, a ragged new shirt and a few pouches. The rebreather was my last one of the now OOP Victoria Miniatures gas masks (I love them and have used them on many conversions). The power hammer was from the 2000s Necromunda ratskins weapons sprue.

The other Dogskin by comparison was pretty basic - I just added modern Necromunda arms to the metal figure. I did add the demo charge though, which I think came from a Genestealer hybrid.

Paint-wise, it's yet more of the same from the earlier Dogskins. I'm pretty happy with how the power glow came out on the power hammer. Less keen on the yellow eyes on the dogskin hoods - for some reason they jump out more on this pair than on the earlier figures. I might go back and knock them back a little.

Eight figures is definitely now a gang, but I'll bring it up to 10-strong before I draw a line under this group of figures!


  1. Wow, the conversion is awesome, it's simply perfect by all means! You are building quite band there, with tons of personality

    1. Thanks Suber, glad you like the conversion as much as I do!

  2. Lovely conversion work, and an inspired choice of figure to work from. They'll fit in nicely.

  3. Always love seeing your greens. Very inspiring. Really need to start practicing myself!

    1. Thanks Hobbs! I've always loved seeing other people's WIP pics myself - I'm often more interested in the construction than the painting!

  4. Glad to see this place still going, thinking of painting some 2nd Generation 2001 Ash Waste Nomads so followed the links form your old thread on Yaktribe to check out your colour schemes back in 2014 🤣 much love from the ye old tribe! ClockworkOrange