Monday 8 June 2015

Building the Underhive - Part 2

My last post was all about the terrain I'm building for a game at 'Bring Out Your Lead' at the start of August. If you liked that, then great, here's more of the same (if you didn't, tough!).

With more to make and paint by the deadline than I've ever attempted previously, I've written myself a little programme, with specific tasks allocated to specific days / evenings. If I stick to my programme, then I should complete everything required for BOYL with two spare contingency evenings. So far, it's going well, and over the last week, I've completed more of the required terrain.

First up is a brand new lift shaft. I won't give too much away, but this will be a critical piece of terrain in my BOYL games. The shaft itself is made from two square pieces of drainage pipe, livened up with the addition of some laser cut MDF lift doors (Mad Mecha Guy), bulkhead lights (Zinge Industries) and some random resin pieces from my bits box. I think the result looks pretty good considering.

Please excuse the unpainted elements above (backdrop, market stalls)! The market stalls are again from Micro Arts Studio's Wolsung Kickstarter. They too will be used in the BOYL game when painted. I've made some fruit and vegetables on two of the stalls from a few things in the spice cupboard, while the containers have been very kindly donated by my daughter from her Sylvanian Families spares!

The lift has doors on all four facings, each with slightly different details.

As well as the lift, I painted up another four of the shacks from the Wolsung range (like the market stalls). I now have eight of these - enough for a small hovel for underhive scum or scavvies to hang out in!

That's all for now. The to-do list is looking a lot less threatening now:

- 16 board tiles
- 6 hab units
- 6 market stalls
- 40 rioters

Seven weeks should be plenty of time, right?!


  1. I love that! I was planning myself some kind of stuff in that style for my urban scenery, nice to see how you solved it out!

    1. Thanks Suber. I look forward to seeing what you produce :)

  2. That lift is a great idea, and having multiple doors on the different facings really expands its use.

    1. Glad you like them. If nothing else, the 4 doorman make it look like different floors or lift shafts :)

  3. Very cool hope to see a soylent green stand in the background someday

    1. You know, I really should get round to watching that film at some point! ;)