Wednesday 1 October 2014

Onald Thern, Space Pirate

Moustaches are very much de rigueur among the Space Pirate fraternity and Onald Thern is no exception:

Thern is another hired gun in the employ of Guilder Yakob Pento. He has a rather peculiar sense of fashion, favouring bell-bottom trousers, billowing shirts and a cap worn backwards. He's a rebel you see!
Thern is the second figure from the Rogue Traders Pirates range to be incorporated into the Juction Trading Guild. Quite why he's holding his autogun as he is, I have no idea. I'd also guess that armour plates sewn onto a shirt probably don't make the most effective armour against projectile weaponry, but I'm not arguing with him! In retrospect I would have painted him with yellow trousers and a purple hat to avoid him looking too uniform with fellow Space Pirate Manu Loat (he of the striped trousers). But I can't be bothered to repaint him and I just won't stand them next to each other.
Five models is a bit of a milestone for this particular faction - in my head it is the minimum needed to make a playable selection. Here's the Junction Trading Guild in all their yellow and purple glory:

Yakob Pento and his hired muscle


  1. One excemment looking team ! I agree 5 is the milestone for RT/confrontation warbands and this one has just reached a very good look.
    The outfit on those pirates look weird to me too but the most intriguing thing is they all seem to be bending forward makling them look like a bunch of hunchbacks. For some of them it is really ridiculous but it looks kind of funny too.

    It's really nice to see you moving at such a pace lately, keep the mojo up ! Painting models one by one seems to be a good motivator, I should try that at some point.

    1. It's been fast work hasn't it? 3 models painted in a week, plus I've converted up a couple of others! I'm just enjoying painting at the moment - probably for the first time in years.

      Maybe the next gang should all be hunchbacks?

    2. Great job, it took me time to start enjoying painting that much myself.
      You know, I'm really concerned of having too much of them in the same unit, I fear to make the unit look like a unit of granpas...

      Or maybe we can make an "expendables" kind of warband for RT ;)

  2. Very colorful, and a nice paint job on another dodgy sculpt. You could possibly do a brown ink wash on the hat to quickly change the color... he would still fit in with the rest of the gang, but look a bit different.

    1. Surely you mean "classic" or "characterful"...or possibly "retro". Not dodgy, no sir ;)

      For reference, your Brat was undercoated today :)

  3. Ah yes, I quite forgot about "character".