Thursday, 17 October 2013

North of the border

I've been up in Glasgow for a good proportion of this week with work. I took the opportunity late on Tuesday afternoon to take a short walk from my hotel in the centre of Glasgow to Static Games (A1 Games online). I'd been in the store about 2 years ago and I had a recollection of board games, a small selection of figures and racks of 2nd hand books, magazines and miscellaneous games supplements. Last time I was in stored I picked up a selection of White Dwarfs, including issue 100.

The tempting frontage of Static Games!

My memory proved partially correct - there were the racks of 2nd hand games supplements...but nothing from games workshop...

Plenty of distracting reading material
 But wait, there's a range of random magazines in those 2000AD magazine boxes under the racks...

The haul

I picked up a likely selection of White Dwarfs for a few quid to occupy myself in the hotel room. Sadly no earlier issues (unlike my last visit), but it's the right kind of era to press my nostalgia buttons.

If you do ever find yourself in the centre of Glasgow at a loose end, you could do worse than spend half an hour mooching around the store. You never know what you might unearth!

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  1. OH, well done mate !

    Somthing very similar happend to me onc etoo, I came out with 7 WD fform the same period as yours (especilly that beautiful 141) for a few euros, I was the happiest man of the day I think.

    Old local shops are always a must, those who still sale second hand models have my blessing... Nostalgia nostalagia nostalgia