Monday, 21 October 2013

Making gems from junk (or "how I made some new goblin Blood Bowl players")

A few weeks back I picked up a junk lot of models from ebay. There were a number of old Citadel and Marauder goblins in the lot, including this unhappy looking pair with just one foot between them:

Marauder Goblin with spear (sans left foot), unknown shouting goblin (I would be too if someone had cut off both my feet)

I have load of 2nd edition Blood Bowl goblins and snotlings I was considering turning into a team, but I didn't have enough players for a competitive squad and had no secret weapons (you know, chainsaws, bombs, pogo sticks and the like).

I spent yesterday evening with my bits box and this is the result:

Pogoer delighted with his new feet. The Looney looks like he wants words with his previous owner for the bad care taken
The pogoer was made with the addition of a pair of dwarf feet I had kicking around in my bits box (don't ask), a length of plastic rod, a cross piece cut from the other goblin's spear, and a spring from an engineering pencil.

The looney received a peg leg (from his own original spear) and a chainsaw made from an imperial guard chainsword and space marine scout biker boltgun. I thought the pose was just asking for a pull cord ignition, so made one by drilling through the hand into the chainsaw and adding a section of paperclip.

I've got a few little odds and ends to sorted out with a dab of greenstuff, but hopefully you get the idea. Hopefully a fairly decent end result considering the inauspicious starting point.


  1. These are just my favourite type of minis, the ones you didn't expect to do, and with spare bits you didn't even thougt you would use and then you realise you've just achieved some very characterfull model completely unique and which really shows both your skill and imagination.
    I sometimes roam in the bits box just to get this sort of distraction and I have to say than most of the time, it cam out as a complete win (to my taste)
    Your goblins are excellent and really have that mischievous vibe we all love.
    Very good work here

  2. I love rooting around in the boxes and seeing what comes together - a lot of fun :) Glad you like them

  3. Absolutely brilliant conversions/restorations!

  4. those are fricking awesome conversions. You have a really good eye.