Wednesday 13 August 2014

Hooligans in the Hive - BOYL14

+++++TRANSMITTED: Necromunda (Palatine Spire)
+++++TYPE: Spire News Feed
+++++BOYL 014.M3
+++++REF: MAOL/0302995.49L



Reports confirmed of incidences of uncontrolled gang warfare breaking out in Hive Palatine. Ground car racing has destroyed exclusive upper spire 'Synth Meadows' open space. Vid-logs show alien species outside their designated sector engaged in destructive vehicle to vehicle combat with Hive Gangs and Brats.

>>Download Complete: Vehicles Involved<<

>>Download Complete: Unidentified Biker [Deceased]<<

>>Download Complete: Underhive Gang Engaged with Xenos<<

>>Download Complete<<

>>Download Complete: Biker Fatally Collides with Building<<
*        *        *
Within hours, gang fighting breaks out in Underhive settlement of Ferrograd. Eye witness reports confirm involvement of Underhive gangs, Techs and Brats. An unidentified Rogue Trader is also present at the scene. High casualty rates and destruction to Helmawr property; significant quantities of spook later discovered at the scene.

>>Download Complete: Ferrograd Settlement<<

>>Download Complete: Brat Gang Recorded at Ferrograd Entrance<<

>>Download Complete: Underhivers Acting Suspiciously<<

>>Download Complete: Brats Walking the Settlement<<

>>Download Complete: Brutal Hand to Hand Fighting<<

>>Download Complete: Tech Gangers Lay Down Plasma Fire<<

>>Download Complete: Unidentified Rogue Trader Entering Ferrograd<<

Helmawr reward for information which leads to capture of perpetrators


*        *        *

You'll have probably seen a wide range of BOYL14 experiences from other attendees over the last few days, but I figure another report doesn't hurt! I can honestly say that it was one of the most enjoyable gaming conventions I've been to. I got to meet people I've only previously known online, I got to see fantastic models and visually stunning tables. I got to play in two wonderfully organised and great fun games, I got to buy cool models and pick up freebies. I got to see unreleased Citadel, Marauder and Foundry figures, Kev Adams greens and painted Citadel figures from the good old days!

Thank you to Cheetor & Asslessman for running the Gorkamorka and Confrontation games. Gorkamorka was crazy fun as expected - my Brats singularly failed to kill a single model or destroy a vehicle, although I did manage to kill my own biker by hurtling out of control into a building (they did look cool while doing it though!). Confrontation was much faster and more brutal than anticipated - and brilliant for it! Thanks to whiskey priest for allowing us to use his fantastic Ferrograd terrain for the Confrontation game and of course thanks to Captain Crooks for creating the resources for the Gorkamorka game.

But the biggest thanks must go to Foundry for keeping us fed, providing space, tables, freebies, bucket-loads of models and acting as perfect hosts!

My small BOYL stash!
Commemorative Brat badges that I handed round like I was sharing out sweets!
It was great to meet everyone I did - I hope to see you all again at BOYL15!


  1. Man those were some great looking games - and thanks for the badge!

  2. It was great to meet you and see the bratts in the flesh at long last - a great weekend and great badge!

    1. Likewise :D Everybody likes a good badge, right?!

  3. Like Colin says, it was great to see you and the Sutter Dukes in person. The first time of many with a bit of luck :)

    1. Absolutely...perhaps I need to persuade my wife I need to attend a BOYL event on the Emerald Isle next time ;)

  4. You wouldn't have any of those badges left over, would you?

    1. Sorry, all the badges (including the spares left over) have now been passed on :(

  5. Fantastic time was had in your company ! Thanks a lot for the badges and many others things you had brought ;)
    Those games have been some of my best gaming experiences for the sole reason everyone played his part to make the others laugh or enjoy the game. Couldn't have asked for more.
    I am looking forward to such events and will do my best to attend BOYL15.

    Thanks a lot.

    1. I couldn't agree more - everyone played 'in character' for the fun of the game. Perfect :)

  6. It looks like you really had fun! Everything looks gorgeous!

  7. Awesome, awesome stuff- glad you all had a blast!