Tuesday, 24 April 2018

Techs on Tour - Attending a Necromunda Tournament

Last weekend I attended the very first Necromunda tournament at Warhammer World (well, certainly the first GW-run event using the new game). This was a free event that I'd built and painted my tech gang, the Data Kings, to use at. Prior to attending, I'd had my models cleared by the events team and GW archivist, mainly because I was fully aware that the age, obscurity and conversions on some of the models might raise suspicions!

The rules for creating and using a gang in the tournament pack followed a well-established model, commonly used in Blood Bowl tournaments. We were allowed an elevated credit limit (1,250 creds) and a package of skills and stat increases that we could scatter amongst our fighters. We were also able to access trading post weapons, hired guns and hangers on. As a resurrection format event, the gang reset after each game, so there were no advancements or lasting injuries.

I sent these images into the events team to help rubber stamp use of the figures

I used the Van Saar list from the Gangs of Legend pdf:
Leader -boltgun, laspistol, trick shot
Champion - heavy stubber, stub gun, +1 ballistic skill, trick shot
Champion - plasma gun, laspistol, fast shot
Specialist - grenade launcher, laspistol, +1 ballistic skill, munitioneer
Ganger - boltgun, laspistol
Ganger - lasgun
Ganger - lasgun
Ganger - lasgun
Ganger - plasma pistol, axe, stub gun
Juve - 2 stub guns, club, sprint

The list was designed around my preferred shooty type of gang, with a couple of combat fighters just in case!

Monday, 16 April 2018

Ctrl Alt Repeat

I noticed a funny thing the other day - that there are some models that I've used a number of times. And not simply the same basic troopers that you paint because there are only 3 sculpts to go into a 10-man unit. I keep using these models for different purposes and conversions. I wonder whether familiarity means I am better able to visualise adaptation? I've managed to inadvertently do this with figures from the Rogue Trooper range, Blood Bowl and Rogue Trader.

Here are some examples:

The Eldar Trader

I think I have painted the Eldar Trader five times in total. I've still got three in my collection one I use as an Eldar Trader, one as a Dark Elf Blood Bowl coach, and one as the more exotic Bonesinger. On the face of it, the trader and coach are identical, but I did actually replace the holstered pistol for a pouch on the coach!

The figure is really unusual, both as an Eldar and Elf - he has a great expression and a really interesting pose - haughty and as far away from combat as you can get. I suspect that's why I've painted him so many times!

Friday, 13 April 2018

Bob Naismith's Overrunners Kickstarter

Bob Naismith is a hugely respected name in the miniatures sculpting industry, being part of the team that created the iconic Rogue Trader figures for Citadel, as well as working for a huge number of other companies since.

Bob was kind enough to let me interview him about his time with Citadel during the early days of this blog, and I'm delighted to see that he's just launched a Kickstarter of a self-designed line of near future soldiers.

The Overrunners Kickstarter is currently live and funded, comprising some very nice science fiction soldiers and supporting vehicles.

Tuesday, 10 April 2018

The Data Kings - Tech Gang Launched

The Data Kings look to blast their way out of an ambush by The Maniaks

I've managed to paint up another pair of Tech gangers, to take my total up to 10. This is actually sufficient for my planned gang for the Necromunda event in a few weeks time. You'll also notice that I've swapped in a couple of different figures (the other figures will still get painted, but I've altered my list a little).

The biggest change to the list is that I've swapped out a plasma gun in preference for a heavy stubber. This was predominantly driven by an idea for the conversion - I liked it so much that I fast-tracked it in favour of the still WIP plasma gunner. In order to include the heavy stubber, I had to lose a boltgun. Happily I had a nice Marauder Tech ganger with a lasgun, so he came into the starting line-up. 

Champion Durango is inadvertently a clone of Cyborg!

Thursday, 5 April 2018

Errol Phlegm, Mutie Scum

The team over at Old School Miniatures are currently running a nice little Kickstarter for a chaotic, pustulent set of travelling players, known as the Circus of Corruption. Do go and check it out.

They've been good enough to send a set of pre-release resin masters to the contributors of the Scale Creep blog, including myself. You'll see the full set jointly painted up by all of the 'Creepers' over the course of the next week, but in the meantime, here's my contribution - a charming little chap named Errol Phlegm.

Tuesday, 27 March 2018

Tech Upgrades - a New Tech Quartet

The Data Kings secure a vital fuel dump.

I think it's fair to say that I'm really enjoying painting up these Techs. They're varied enough not to be boring, but uniform enough to not agonise over odd unique details. The differing sculpting styles are meshing together well enough too!

Over the course of the last few days I painted up a selection of four additional Techs, to give me 8 out of the 10 needed for the forthcoming event.

First up are Vobis with his plasma pistol and servo claw, and Franklin, my juve armed with a pair of stub guns. Vobis and Franklin are my concessions to minimal combat efficiency. Vobis is a ganger, technically armed with a plasma pistol and club for the event (he can't take a servo claw until the full Trading Post lists are published. He is one of my favourite Techs with that ridiculous over-sized claw!

Tuesday, 20 March 2018

Two Become Four - More Tech Gangers

I put some energy in yesterday evening to finish off another pair of Tech gangers for the gang I'll be using at the Necromunda event next month.

Techs are cool. They even have cool creepy pets.

This time I've painted two one-piece 'stock' models without any modification of any kind - a characterful Marauder Tech, and the Copplestone Tech leader.

Monday, 19 March 2018

Getting a Little Tech Support

It just so happens that I managed to get hold of a ticket to the Necromunda event at Warhammer World on 21 April. Whilst I could easily use an existing gang or group of figures, I decided I wanted to use the event as motivation to put together a new faction.

I happened to see some really lovely white coverall-clad plastic Tech gang conversions by sump dweller over at Yaktribe and liked the stark monochrome scheme so much, I decided to paint up some classic Techs in a similar fashion.

Techs are cool. And probably geeky.

Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Of Plasma Pistols and Shotguns

My gaming group's Necromunda campaign is in the final phases, with 4 weeks left to go. The Skallytong Boys of House Morlaque are languishing mid-table, so with a money belt full of cash, my Leader decided to go on a recruitment drive.

I've added a brand new champion to the gang, as well as another supporting ganger with a shotgun. 

Two new gang members enter make their way to the Skallytong Boys' hideout.

Tuesday, 27 February 2018

Orks Like Presents Too!

Cast your minds back to Silwon Fisk's new plaything. You may recall that 'Pet' was one of a pair of figures I received as part of a Secret Santa miniature exchange for Christmas last year.

I've got round to painting up the second of this pair of figures - this time a lovely grot to join Boss Fangrot's bijou warband.

The grot in question is detailed in the 1991 Citadel Miniatures catalogue as being "armed with a knife and sawn off shotgun 3". That's right, two other grots with the same loadout came before him. But neither of those two grots had this fella's particular fashion sense. He's rocking an impressive Mohican (hair squig or natural), a Walkman and a mean cranial scar.

Tuesday, 20 February 2018

House Morlaque - the Big Guns

The Skallytong Boys of House Morlaque have been steadily increasing in strength - coming to the attention of Guilders and Enforcers alike! I'm now 4 weeks in to my gaming group's new Necromunda campaign, 'The Stern Contracts'. My Morlaques are mid-ranked when it comes to Reputation and earning a reputation for being sneaky (something to do with bald heads and goggles).

Monday, 19 February 2018

Keep Them Wagons Rolling

Over the next three weeks of my gaming group's current Necromunda campaign, we're going to be playing a scenario involving the looting of a Guilder caravan. We've said that players can represent the caravan with a suitable vehicle, train of animals, or even a large counter, but I figured I'd like to actually have a specific model.

I started rummaging through my bits and pieces and found a large scifi container given to me by a friend. The size and shape immediately evoked Old West 'Prairie Schooner' wagons.

With my head full of images like the above, I rattled around in my bits boxes and came up with a rough proof of concept:

Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Fisk's Christmas Present

Christmas now seems an age away, but myself and a few mates decided to run a little Secret Santa and secretly send each other something fun to paint. We dutifully promised to paint up whatever we were sent by the end of January. I'm late, and I've only painted 50% of what I was sent - I'm barely coping with the excessive guilt!

Nonetheless, 50% of my Secret Santa gift has been painted - although it wasn't so much a gift for me, as it was for Silwon Fisk. I even received instructions to the fact:

Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Home Sweet Home - Prototype 40k Buildings

I was lucky enough to acquire lovely a pair of buildings recently. What makes these interesting is that they are hardfoam prototypes from the early 2000s, produced by GW when it was looking into the terrain market. They were produced at roughly the same time as some of the terrain that saw release, including the 54mm scale Imperial STC Habitat for Inquisitor. I only have two of the three buildings that were prototyped - the third has a circular tank on the roof.

My buildings appear to have been scratchbuilt from plastic strip, textured plasticard and plastic kits, then cast in hardfoam resin. They came to me ready primed and ready for a splash of paint.

EDIT: Riot pointed out below that the smaller of the two buildings was featured in the pages of the 'How to Make Wargames Terrain' book, published by GW in 2003:

Monday, 15 January 2018

Eldritch Raiders the Army - Beginnings

I can't remember exactly when I build my last actual army. I know it was for a tournament in the mid-2000s. I know it was Eldar, and I know it was when the plastic Dire Avengers had just been released. I know this because I built lots of them.

Since then I have focused solely on skirmish level games. Blood Bowl. Necromunda. Inquisimunda. Shadow War Armageddon. I have not desired making or playing with an army in any way shape or form.

But then some of the Oldhammer folks started doing the Old World Army Challenge, and I wondered whether a small army might be feasible. Whether it might be fun. Whether I should actually make one of the armies I've always wanted. At the same time Asslessman over at Leadplague was having similar thoughts. So we made a gentleman's agreement to each build and paint a 40k army over the course of 2018. In fact Asslessman has already made a start with his fabulous chaos squats. Check them out. I on the other hand, will be building a delicate, refined, classical Space Elf force using the Eldritch Raiders list from the Book of the Astronomican.

Wednesday, 3 January 2018

Orc Invaders - A Retro Greenskin Kickstarter

Orc Invaders Kickstarter

It just so happened that as I was painting my fledgling greenskin force a few months back, I was invited to paint up a few early casts from the current Orc Invaders Kickstarter. 

The Orcs, sculpted by the talented Aidan Baxter, are created in the the same vein as Citadel's 1980s early Space Orks, with their ape limbs and mis-matched equipment.