Tuesday 23 August 2016

Top Gear - Ash Wastes Dune Buggy

I'm still working on my vehicle-based gang for the upcoming Logan's World campaign I'll be participating in. Most importantly, I hadn't got round to painting up any vehicles. In order to rectify this, I decided to paint up my mobile fire support vehicle - a small, light wheeled buggy, armed with a heavy stubber.
The vehicle is a resin and metal (now out of production) Future Warriors buggy. I did some adaptation to it - adding the gun (a plastic Genestealer hybrid autocannon), roll cage from brass tube, rear platform from plasticard, and the mesh (car body mesh):

Painting-wise, the buggy got as much weathering as I could apply to the white base coat - primer showing through (dark grey applied with blister packing foam), scratches, rust (various browns using blister foam again, with washes), dirt (washes into corners plus drybrushing on the lower sections).

All in all, I think it looks suitably beaten up and dirty!
The platform is probably not the best place to stand, unless you're happy with superheated exhaust fumes to the face!

Once upon a time, somebody was proud enough of their ride to add a racing stripe.

EDIT: The original Grenadier Future Warriors vehicle was the Lightening Strike Buggy - it came with a metal rollcage and front guard:

Pic from Stuff of Legends.

Although Mirliton now have the licence for the range, unfortunately they don't currently have the buggy in production.


  1. It really looks perfect, it'll be a fantastci model to either play or serve as a scenery piece.

    1. Thanks JB! I Do have it in mind to use it as scenic clutter too. After all, folks do park their dune buggies right outside the liquor store, right?

    2. Especially those festooned with machine guns! Nice work!

  2. Sweet ride dude :-) Witness Me!

  3. Replies
    1. I love stripes on things - helmets, trousers, car bonnets ;)

  4. Looks great! The mesh really adds something to the look of the buggy.

    If you wanted to gussy it up a bit more, you could add a bit of ground pastel chalk to the sides for some dust. The owners do not seem to clean it much (ever).

  5. Did I mention that this is awesome? 'Cause it's awesome! Well done! Shiny!