Friday 27 January 2017

Scatter Terrain - Warsenal Construction Pallets

You may have noticed I've been trying to build up a stock of scatter terrain over the last 18 months or so - crates, barrels, barricades and so on are invaluable for in game cover and reinforcing the 'realness' of a table set up.

At some point in the distant past, I also bought myself some Warsenal Construction Pallets - handy little laser-cut kits:

I had stored them away in my space under my desk and forgotten about them, until the other week my daughter knocked the box they were in over. I put them in the pending pile, and devoted a couple of evenings to assembling and painting them.

Assembly is pretty simple, if a little repetitive with 8 pallets in each kit.

The laser cut sheets. Thicker MDF for the main supports, and thinner plastic for the struts.

One pallet - 3 supports, 5 thick structs and 4 thin struts.

End struts glued to the underside. The supports have grooves cut to allow you to align them easily.

Central strut glued to the underside.
Central support glued in place.

Flipped over and the end struts added to the top side.

The four thinner struts glued in place.

Yes, I could probably have built my own using balsa wood and coffee stirrers, but this kit takes out at least 50% of the assembly time. Yes, you can get cheap toy pallets (which I might do at some point). But these do look pretty nice!

I wanted to paint up my pallets to look something like this - notice the odd pallet that has paint on the ends, or is painted a different colour.

So I painted mine a neutral brownish colour, lightly drybrushed a highlight, added some random paint on some of them, and then washed on some stains. Here's the resulting stack of 24:

In a couple of piles.

A hasty barricade.

Store configuration.

Neatly stacked.

Pallet tower.

Pallet steps.

Background scenic clutter.

As you can see, these are incredibly versatile and useful. They could also be arranged as boardwalks, or raised platforms. I probably need about the same number again I think!


  1. Very useful. Pallets as you say can appear in a lot of places, and could easily be barricades, fences, or other blockers as well.

    1. Multifunctional, perfect for any setting :P

  2. Again well executed Axiom. They do look like the real thing on the photo. Different coloured wood granted but still realistic.

    1. Close enough to suspend belief from 1.5m ;)