Thursday, 12 March 2015

Yee-Haw! Dakka dakka!

I have to clarify - my Ash Waste Nomads are not cowboys! Just because they wear broad-brimmed headgear (in most cases), that does not mean they belong in a Western. I had to refute that accusation last night during a game of Necromunda...the same game where my opponent identified a target by saying "the one in the hat". Seven out of my nine gangers have hats, and the remaining two still have headgear...sheesh!
...On reflection, perhaps cowboys isn't the worst thing they could be...
You'd be correct in surmising from the above, that I started a new Necrounda campaign last night for the first time in far too many years to remember. Unfortunately I made the cardinal sin of taking to the underhive without a fully painted set of models (7 painted, 2 just undercoated). I had however, managed to get my heavy stubber-toting Nomad finished just in time.

'Strong' Galal with his big gun
'Strong' Galal is based on a Vostroyan Imperial Guard sniper. The overall look was already pretty close to the Nomad feel - I just added a hat and the plastic heavy stubber from the Dark Vengeance chaos cultists.

The right arm and left wrist were sculpted, and the shoulder pad added to cover an untidy area! The right arm is probably too long, but that was down to the restrictions from the plastic heavy stubber.

Similarly, the paintjob was a bit rushed in order to get him finished. He's not quite as carefully done as the other Nomads, but at tabletop level you can't tell!

Shaman Adil Na Seem points out something of interest in the distance. Sadly his fellow Nomads aren't paying any attention!

As for the game last night? Let's just say I was rather rusty. I started OK with a solid ranged firebase covering the scenario's loot counter. I hesitated, left my forward group vulnerable, and was then unable to stop my Redemptionist opponent from waltzing in, picking up the loot and then scarpering. To make matters worse, one of my Nomads got captured! Still, all useful memory joggers for the next game (which may well be a rescue attempt).


  1. I think he has just the right pose for someone about to mowe the other gangs down with his stubber. As for the paintng, it makes more sense every time you add another member (and it was cool to begin with).

    I just can't unsee the bullet belt is unpainted on the rear side. That may be the only reall point giving away a "rushed job" ^^

    1. Good spot JB. I confess, I'd completely missed the rear of the belt. I will amend that at the next painting session :)


  2. Definitely not cowboys, no way. They are Vaqueros, obviously. Ponchos, sombreros etc ;)

    Strong Gonzales looks pretty unrushed to me too, the gang is great. Are you using the Ash Waste Nomad rules from the 2000s? Or are the Nomads a "counts as" gang?

    1. I'm using the updated Ash Waste Nomad rules from one of the Specialist Games publications (whatever the most recent version is). I see these guys as having a magpie-like appropriation of cultures...they're a bit Andean, a touch central American, a tiny bit Mongolian with a smattering of Saharan and Middle-Eastern influence in the mix too. I mean broad-brimmed hats, ponchos, head-scarves, tassles, baggy trousers, curved knives...if there's a vaguely outdoorsy mobile set of people, they've been referenced ;)

      But not cowboys :D

  3. Great conversion (as previously mentioned) and that is surely a colorful paint job in keeping with the other nomads.

    Any chance of a photographed battle report? What else did you have in your gang?

    1. Sadly I forgot my camera. I'll do my best to remember for next week.

      My gang was:
      Leader - long rifle, auto pistol
      Heavy - heavy stubber, auto pistol
      Heavy - plasma gun, auto pistol
      3 Gangers - lasgun
      Ganger - shotgun
      2 Juves - auto pistol

  4. Excellent work; a nice conversion!