Monday 30 June 2014

Friskers Painted

If you've been keeping tabs on this blog, I probably don't need to tell you that over the last 9 months or so I've been steadily collecting Citadel's mid-1980s Eternal Champion range, based on Michael Moorcock's brilliant novels. It is my intention (eventually) to paint up the full range and do a bit of fantasy skirmish gaming.

As part of assembling the collection, I commissioned my friend and ace sculptor John Pickford to sculpt me a little winged cat (let's call him Friskers), who could represent a certain animal familiar to accompany Elric's companion Jhary a-Conel. Citadel's Jhary sculpt already had a very similar winged cat on his shoulder, representing Whiskers from the Elric books. But I foresaw the need for an independent winged cat, hence the Frisker sculpt.

I painted up my Friskers last night - here's the results:

Friskers hunting through the grass!
Feline eyes watching carefully

Isn't he cute?!

Just so you get a sense of how tiny Friskers is, here he is next to Jhary a-Conel and his cat-friend Whiskers:

I know, I need to paint Jhary!
I had a few copies of John's sculpt cast up by the very excellent Pete Brown (aka The Mouldmaker) - the casts are perfectly crisp. They really are tiny - look!

Finally, some gratuitous shots of John's original sculpt. Isn't the face adorable?!

If my black and white execution is a bit too dull for you, check out cheetor's pink sci-fi interpretation:

More pic's of cheetor's gyrinx over on his blog


  1. Ahh, photos of Friskers during his awkward teenage Emo phase to finish things off.

    Its a very nice sculpt and my casting was very clean. I hope you plan to commission some more interesting little things in a similar vein: I very much enjoy painting tiny, familiar sized projects.

    1. Not got any more projects in mind at the moment, but don't rule it out!

  2. A splendid wee project indeed. :)

  3. Thanks for the comments. The added bonus was that from start to finish (excluding undercoating), he took about 2 hours. I'm just grateful the fan of my laptop kicks out lots of heat to dry the pva quickly :)

  4. Looks great Jon! I'm looking forward to mash some paint on mine too soon. I'm doing a bunch of little critters at the moment as a pause from space soldier types. In all honesty, I'm having a pause from all painting as I haven't put brush to lead in more than a week's time. Building Deadzone terrain (not for Deadzone mind) and watching Orange is the new black with the Mrs have seriously hampered my painting time. That, and my man cave is a mess after the game I played with a mate last week. We had to move some furniture around to fit in the table and now I can't put things away cause a bed is blocking my display cabinets - and I've got a severe case of the CBAs currently. =D

    Friskers is at the top of the queue though.

    1. Look forward to seeing what you end up doing with him Mattias! I still need to build my Deadzone terrain too :)