Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Mean streak! Blood Bowl Dark Elves Progress

I finally got round to painting up my first figure of 2014. Not only that, but I base-coated a second model at the same time - I know, that's pretty radical isn't it?!

Here's my latest work:
Dark Elf Runner

He's a Runner for my Dark Elf Blood Bowl team; they're fast and lightly armoured ball-handlers. Because there are no decent Dark Elf figures, I'm converting the entire team from (predominantly) 2nd edition Jes Goodwin Blood Bowl Elves. This guy was built simply by combining the torso from an Elf Kicker with the legs from an Elf Blitzer:

Source models

You can see I had to do quite a lot of trimming and filing to remove the loincloth thingy, but I have replaced it with a pretty imposing codpiece (I figure he might want a bit of protection when he's on the ground being fouled with a boot to the unmentionables!).

And here's the team to date:

Five models is nearly half a team!

Next up will probably be a Lineman, they're not as interesting to paint, but I need to get them done.


  1. It looks exactly like what it's meant to be and it's splendid on top of that !

    It doesn't look like a conversion actually, it just look like an unrealeased model.

  2. Cheers! Yep - aiming for conversions that don't look like conversions is the plan :)

  3. The colour scheme on these guys is very nice. Its not easy to get a Dark Elf scheme right without reverting to the old dark blue/purple staples, but you nailed it.

    The blue skin is a risky proposition but again, you have got the balance right. I painted up some sci-fi evil space elf sportspeople for DreadBall recently and went with a purple tinge to the flesh to make them look a little more "other". I have grown tired of caucasian elves.

    Tuern Redvenom was one of the first Citadel Miniatures that I ever saw, back in my first White Dwarf, #108. Tuern left a lasting impression, its a great miniature.

    Nice work.

    1. Thanks! I deliberately wanted to avoid a black/purple colour scheme because it's so over-used. I went for the green/red combo in the end, but for a long time was considering a Darkside Cowboys yellow and blue.

      The skin is actually more purple than blue (must be the lighting!) - it's actually a pale grey with a purple wash. Reinforces the 'evilness' I think!