Thursday 23 January 2014

Cute and furry, but with a sting in the tail...

It's been nearly a month since I posted any actual models I'm working on, so this is probably overdue. For those of you who play Blood Bowl, you'll be aware that sideline figures and re-roll counters are a nice opportunity to model something that can have an in game effect, like additional coaching staff or cheerleaders.

Dice re-rolls are a key part of Blood could use the card ones that come with the game, but it's much nice in my view to model something on a little base. I had been mulling this over for a little while, but couldn't think of anything suitably Dark Elfy beyond some sort of spikes/torture gear.

Then it struck me...Dark Elves like Manticores...I'll make some baby ones (from now on referred to as Mantikittens!

So, with a plan in hand I set about finding a suitable base model - some small and cat-like. I looked at a couple of 15mm Manticore options, but they were all a bit odd-looking, and eventually I stumbled on Heresy Miniatures' Demon Cat Familiar 'Pussbag'
Pussbag by Heresy Miniatures
I thought with a little tweaking, there was something to be done with Pussbag. I sourced some suitably-sized scorpion tails from Reaper Bones scorpions (dead cheap but a real pain to work with), and some little wings from some bat swarms from Black Tree Design, and here are the results:

Two Mantikittens playing with a ball

For the 3rd re-roll I wanted to show the Dark Elf link, and selected a suitably mean-looking Marauder Wood Elf as a handler. He gets the job of hefting around the rather larger Mantikitten of the three. This one is clearly a bit more dangerous and needs to be kept on a lead!

The entire Mantikitten is sculpted from the shoulders down
So there we have it - some little cute but dangerous mascots for the team!


  1. Replies
    1. You should make a couple for your Dark Elves mate!

  2. This is jus tbrilliant, you never seem to lack good ideas, you should show that to your boss, he would undoubtedly give you freetime on working hours to paint them!

    1.'s a good idea, I wonder if it will work ;)

      Glad you like them!

  3. Thats brilliant. Im a fan of miniature cats (and real cats) but I hadnt thought of this before.

    Good stuff!

    1. Yep - cats add real character in 28mm. Not so keen on them in full scale myself though ;)