Tuesday 28 October 2014

Orctober Fest: Sporting Snots!

Erny's Place launched the second year of 'Orctober Fest' at the start of the month - a month-long celebration of all things orcish (or orkish). As Orctober is drawing the a close, I thought I'd share my own greenskin output; 12 of Kev Adams' finest Blood Bowl Snotlings:

These 12 Snotlings represent the 2nd-13th greenskins I have ever painted. That's right, prior to these wee little fellas, I'd only ever painted one Orc (below), which I gave away as part of the alk Fantasy Football Forums figure exchange last year. I'd never had an Orc army, Space Ork Warband or Gorkamorka gang. I'd never splashed paint on a Gargant, Squig or Goblin!

Painted Orc #1

As I racked my brain for something with greenskin to paint for Orctober, I remembered I painted a solitary Ogre for an Ogre Blood Bowl team back in 2011. I had 12 unpainted Snotlings in the case for the team, and was away with work overnight. 4 hours worth of painting in my hotel room netted me a dozen painted Snotlings, pictured below alongside their solitary (currently) Ogre team-mate:

I went for the traditional bright Snotling look - goblin green, washed with a dark green wash, then highlighted with a lemony yellow from Coat d'arms. Red eyes, yellow loincloths/shorts and the odd metallic detail, and they were done at a rate of 20 minutes per figure. I rarely batch paint, but these guys are so titchy, they demand to be painted in bulk. They were also really easy to paint due to the simplified details.

Action poses. I love the chap hunkering down on the left

The 'tough' Snots with their helmets

And the others, including the poor guy on the left who appears to have been squashed!

I realise I've forgotten to clean up the base rims in black, but overall I'm very happy with how these little blighters look given the fairly quick paint jobs.

I just need to paint up 5 more Ogres and I'll have a full team. Whilst I was in the Blood Bowl zone, I started converting the handsome devil below last night - he will probably end up being my team captain.

Orctober has been just the motivation I've needed to get these guys painted, and they've been a refreshing change from the Confrontation figures I've been painting over the last couple of months. I wonder what I'll find to paint in Orctober next year?


  1. Those snotlings were some of the first GW models that I ever painted (along with epic stuff). They are great little models, loads of fun.

    Nice job.

    1. Cheers cheetor! Coincidentally, some of my first GW models were Blood Bowl; humans from the same era (in natty black and red).

      In retrospect, I would have liked to have done them in a slightly less garish green, but bright colours work in Blood Bowl, so I'm not overly worried about the glow!

    2. I think the green is perfect - it's exactly the hue snot goes this time of year!

      That's a cracking team and would be a barrel of laughs to play I would imagine.

    3. I'll let you know how it plays - I'll be using it in a league after Christmas. I'm expecting lots of chaos and lots of dead Snots! Glad you like the green :)

  2. Always a sucker for a bit of conversion work :) looks great

    1. Cheers :) Still plenty of work to do on the conversion. I've already shortened the Snot in the Ogre's fist as he looked a bit stretched - he's just got his head and shoulders poking about the hand now.

  3. I think you nailed them, they look fun and eager to... well, to run along the field avoiding to be smashed :D
    Nice work indeed! :)

    1. It's amazing that Snotlings never learn. Perhaps it's because they never have the benefit of experience (having been brutally squished in their very first game)?