Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Frog Sporting Action (Blood Bowl Slann)

It's high time I devoted some column inches to Blood Bowl (still my favourite GW game). I play Blood Bowl more frequently that any other game, and started in a new season with the Nottingham Blood Bowl League a week or two back.

I'm using the Slann team for the first time since a couple of very frustrating games back in 2011 when I built the team. Following last Wednesday evening's game I was able to buy myself a new player for the squad with my winnings; I settled on a third Catcher.

When I originally built the team, I picked up a selection of 11 old WHFB Slann and did a few weapon snips and minor modifications. The Catchers were a bit more dynamic, with leaping and jumping poses as befits their in-game rules. In anticipation of needing a new player, I had acquired some additional Slann just for this very purpose. The new Catcher was donated to the cause by Asslessman over at Leadplague (thanks JB - hope you don't mind the heretical use I've put him to!).

Here's the resulting figure:

The paint job was a very quick 2hr result. Although I could have spent more time on getting a better result, the figure needed to fit in with the original team from 2011 when I was a little more slap-dash with the paints!
The figure itself is a conversion from the C32 Slann Warrior / Cold One Rider 'Quinenz':

His spear was clipped away, while the right leg was sawn off at the knee and hip, before being pinned and the joins sculpted over. The left arm was sculpted over a paper clip and the model finished with the addition of a catcher's glove from Impact Miniatures. The poor unfortunate human on the ground is from the classic 2nd edition Citadel Blood Bowl range.

All 3 of my Catchers have been built to roughly the same principles:

One, two, three...leap!

Finally, here's the full team to date. No doubt some anguished Warhammer Slann fans will be looking in despair at the destruction I've wrought!

All the Frogs, ready for action!

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  1. This is excellent ! I'm really glad this one was put to such good use (real heresy is not use models for me) and yo onc eagain dynamism is sometimes just a few cuts and putty work away !
    That's a real nice team.

    1. Ah yes - those poor unloved models which sit unused for decades! (I think I might have a couple of them sadly!).

      Glad you like the team :)

    2. What I meant to write :

      (real heresy is not to use models for me) and you prove once again that dynamism is sometimes just a few cuts and putty work away !

      Don't blame yourself for the unpainted models, as long as you keep painting they'll be OK !

  2. <3

    Really cool team Jon. I doff my feathered headdress in deference.

    1. Everyone knows semi-naked anthropomorphic frogs with giant feathered hats are cool, right? ;)

  3. Yep.. Now you gone and done it.. I want a bloody Blood Bowl Team now.

    Another project for the mountain lol

    1. Do it Chico! Blood Bowl is such a great game...really elegant!

    2. Aye played 3rd a lot many years ago, and of course the pc game. But not owned a team for 15 years. Bloody expensive by the looks of it though

    3. Yeah...can be expensive now. The 3rd edition teams regularly sell for £40-60 and a nice 2nd edition team can fetch over £100. I sold a Jes Goodwin elf team for £170 last year (16 nicely painted models).

      Mind you, you only need 16 figures ;)

  4. Excellent looking team, nice to see a Slann Blood Bowl team using the old 1980's Slann. As a fan of the old Slann models I don't despair, but admire your work.

    I like the way you have taken care to re-pose the models and give them a great dynamic feel. It shows a good understanding of the models and eye for detail.

    They are nicely painted too, I especially like the little white dot to give shine to the black eyes.

    I had an old Slann Blood Bowl team I used at the time, but I re-converted the models to be Cold One Riders.

    1. Thanks Lee...there is always that tension between folks who are happy to see a good resulting model and those who prefer a more purist approach with figures as cast.

      Blood Bowl is a very dyanmic game but the figures can often look pretty static - I try to do a couple of extravagant figures in each team to add some interest.


  5. Is it 2nd Edition Blood Bowl that you play?