Monday 7 October 2013

Painting the Spawn - Bee Knight Progress

You might guess I'm not the world's fastest painter by the miniscule progress I've made painting the Bee Knight.

Inching along I've managed to nearly finish painting his chaos spawn steed:

Blue, pink and orange - classic Tzeentch colours!

The steed has received a nice boney head and neck, as well as an orange feather ruff! The Bee Knight himself has had some base colour added - you can guess the colour schem I'll be going for right?!
I've also started thinking about the sort of warband that might accompany this chap. I happened to be in Foundry the other weekend and saw this lovely blister of Plague Doctors.

Foundry Plague Doctors - a hidden gem in their fantasy range.
Check out the heads. Wouldn't it be cool if all of my Bee Knight's human followers wore some gear...beaked masks and hats, say, in homage to their champion? By doing some head swaps with a few figures I'm hoping to make a rag-tag unit of thugs have a little coherency, and also to tie them visually with their leader.


  1. ohoho I think you're on a very good concept here ! Do you plan to use them as fanatics? The scale seems a little small but after all it's no big deal.
    The orange feather crest and bone beak fit really nice with the rest, the mount seems to be some sort of perverted lord pf change (maybe a greater demon turned into a spawn by a displeases Tzeentch?

    And what a sense of detail you have to put such a page as a backgorund !

  2. Just standard chaos thugs I think. The scale seems to match up OK with some of the base models I'm planning on using.

    Funny how the mount has turned into a crude facsimile of a lord of change - I like the idea ;)

  3. I have said it before and I'm saying it again: Really like what you are doing with this mini.
    I'm afraid I cannot guess the rest of the colors but looking forward to see your progress!